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You can quote me if you want Al "Rush Poker Makes Waffles Drunk".

Notes on my first session.

I doubled up and left. Ratholer fucker.

Mostly because I was drunk from power and winning and that felt goooooood.

I read a bunch of strategy. I know I said Rush Poker is not Poker. I think in a few ways it makes you play poker the way you SHOULD.


I always raised in position. In a real game where people get reads on you this is not optimal but I hardly ever raise even my good hands so this is good for me.

I ALWAYS c-bet. Not pot sized. Just 1/2-3/4. In a real game you can be taken advantage of if you ALWAYS c-bet. Again. I do not c-bet enough so this is probably good practice for me.

Initially most of my profit came from stealing from tighties. I generally took the approach that I would raise anywhere from 3 off the button and better IF I was first in and SOMETIMES if someone limped in EP. I won a TON of uncontested pots. I also took BIGGER pots with c-bets which almost always worked.

If someone played back at me on the flop or preflop I would normally just let it go and move to the next hand. I had a few exceptions here where I floated people. Sometimes it worked great and I took decent pots on the turn. Other times I shook my head and said "Why didn't you just fold".

My biggest losing hand was QQ vs A3 when I 3-bet him pre-flop and he called. Flop comes 33K. I lead. I bet the turn three. I thought about betting the river but I thought the value was too thin so I checked behind to his turned quads. Bet those fucking quads you moron.

That hand took me from +1/2 buy to -1/2 buy. Well. A couple tilt hands after that hand where I was steaming a little took a bit of that too. This is one disadvantage of RUSHHHH poker. If you start steaming you can go down fast.

So I regained control. Started playing hard again. I finally trippled up my 1/2 buyin with 78 vs 2 flopped sets with a turned GUTTER that hit. It was a little scary but Top set vs Bottom set vs my made nut straight on the turn is pretty good odds. This hand brought me back to my buyin. It also got me drunk. High on power and the ruuuusshhhhh.

I stole some more.

I stacked a shortie with AA vs QQ on a KJ flop. He bet the flop and I raised him hoping the large stack would fold. If the large stack jammed I figured KK or KJ beat me since it was 3 bet pre and all three of us were in the hand. My hand held. I had doubled my buyin in 1 hour. No idea how many hands but at least 200. Wheee.


Blogger Sean D said...


At least the IM volley from you finished when you passed out!

8:48 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

At 10:35 AM, SirFWALGMan said...
I think it is a cockswill abomination of Poker. I will try it though. I think it makes HUD and Datamining MORE important not less so Heffmike. Only way you can get reads on anyone is to datamine the fuck out of everyone.

3:10 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I stand by those statements as they are correct. I am also addicted to the crack that is RUUUUSSSHH!!

3:52 PM


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