Monday, January 25, 2010

Screw You

Ironically the Vikings loss gives me a change to go break even for the playoffs. If I win my Super Bowl pick I will be dead break even. I am kind of saddened by the Vikings loss as they were the only team left I had an emotional investment in. Besides hate. JETS JETS JETS SUCK! I was pulling for the Purple People but it was not to be. It was almost comical how many times they gave up the ball. The fact they even had a chance to win was amazing. Farve screwed up at the end and lost a 30-50% chance at closing the game out before overtime. It sucks to be him but that was not the big game ending play.

Bayne says "Yay Saints your town suffered so much you deserve to win feel good life is great rah rah rah". Fuck that stupid shit asshole. First off that crap happened like years ago. Fucking wipe your boo hoo tears already. It's bad enough that half the city is corrupt and the other half is on perma-fare. Bunch of crack heads, rapists, and murders. Screw New Orleans. Fuck all these pansy ass pussies that want some fucking feel good story. Should we hope that Miami wins next year because of the 1919 Key West Hurricane. How about Carolina Panthers the year after for Hurricane AndrewHugo. Fuck while were at it lets just give the 49ers a fucking trophy for the 1906 earthquake. Screw the Saints. Screw New Orleans. Screw you.

My picks for the Super Bowl. I am going to ponder for a bit. I need this win to break even so I have to give it some effort.

P.S. Learn to fucking spell Hoyazo - "Favre actually threw too hideous picks"


Blogger Schaubs said...

If you don't pick the Colts then you are totally discrediting this rant.

7:48 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

The waffles math skills that have led to your poker results have reared their ugly head again.

How the fuck will you get to break even for the playoffs with a correct Super Bowl pick????

There are always an ODD number of playoff games in the NFL retard!!!!

9:54 AM

Blogger Iak said...

Hey moron you spelled Favre wrong!

Never seen There's Something About Mary?!

10:37 AM


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