Thursday, April 15, 2010


I played the second game of the VeryJosie poker tourney. I have to say it is everything a blogger tourney should be. It was a bunch of Josie's friends and family and a bunch of bloggers who got together, talked some shit, and had a really fun time.

Being Waffles of course I got pissed off early. I really think if I ever figure out why I care that people play so badly I might actually become a great poker player. I just do not get jamming weak aces over middle position raises. I mean there has to be a better spot. Of course the Ace always hits against me so maybe that spot is good. Le Sigh.

Things picked up though and despite lousy cards and being a little tired I held on to the final table. The chat was non-stop and a hell of a lot of fun. I ended up taking the eighth spot. Ironically it was against Lightning who I had to goad into playing.

I had let myself get a little short and was looking for a good spot to get my chips in. Lightbulb limped from the EP with QJ, Josie completed her small blind and I checked my option with K5 spades. Lightning and I had the same stack size so when the flop came QJ with two spades we are obviously both getting in there. Especially with the Ante and dead money in the middle. So I lead out for around 900 which was most of my stack and waited for the shove from Lightning. He did not disappoint. The race was on and even though I turned a T for 4 more outs the river was no help and I went packing with my 0-2 record for races.

In general the play was pretty decent. Coop and Mojo played a solid game although I swear the old guys fell asleep!!! Josie got drunk. (What's that Josie? Talk softer? Alright. No problem.) The chat was awesome. What else could anyone want?

I think Josie's idea of doing this once a month is a good one. I also think we should make her take a drink every time someone goes out. That worked out good! I plan on playing in the next one. I wonder if we would get more players if it started a little later? I know Kat and Bayne missed signing up because they got home a little after the tourney started.


Blogger Katitude said...

I hope it's not later, the 9 est start time is better for me. I just forgot.

7:30 AM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Fun tournament - thx for the link.

7:36 AM

Blogger Josie said...

No, def not lasted till almost midnight. And Kat - maybe you'll play next time????

And next time no drinking for me!

8:05 AM

Blogger dbcooper said...

Yea we got to keep Josie drinking because she forgot her cardinal rule don't shove with middle pairs and I liked her bounty!!! Memphis and I tried our best to stay awake!!

8:43 AM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Next time I'll take a double shot of Geritol. That should keep me awake.

9:14 AM

Blogger BLAARGH! said...

Later start would be good... I'm still putting my kid to sleep at 9. Josie should strongly consider bending to my will, as I have been losing enough lately to bring Greece back to solvency.
Maybe a non-Mookie day as well... I would hate to see the Mook poached, even though that's not her intention....

9:49 AM

Blogger Josie said...

Funny enough - 9pm is my boy's bedtime and that's why I chose it. I'd go later, but that means it'll end later.

Oh, and people bend to MY will, not vice versa, so you should too.

:) I'm really sweet once you get to know me, just ask lightning.

10:18 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

West coast engineer means 10-7 workday.

I can flex a little to make Mookie start.

I think I am still on a no poker from work policy but have not verified

11:09 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

"I have to say it is everything a blogger tourney should be. It was a bunch of Josie's friends and family and a bunch of bloggers who got together, talked some shit, and had a really fun time."

You nailed it exactly. I recently posted somewhere that playing the Very Josie has been more fun than the Mookie recently.

Amazing that I faded all your outs on your last hand. At least we both played the hand well and let the poker gods choose the winner.

12:31 PM

Blogger jim said...

waffles is gay

1:18 PM

Blogger Schaubs said...

+1 on what jim said.

p.s. - where did Mary go?

Josie + Wawfuls ='s TLFE

3:22 PM

Blogger Josie said...

Jim, you just WISH waffles was gay! :P

Schaubs....I'm playing the mookie next week - Watch out! I only lost this week cuz of all the wine!

@Waffles - Carmen's right - that pic with the 3 of you rocks! you can alwasy put her back!

6:47 PM

Blogger Josie said...

Bayne, listen to Auntie Josie....just once leave a little early and play Very Josie a little!

6:49 PM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

I definitely can't play a 7pm on a weeknight in my time zone...but who knows. Sounds like a heckuva fun blonkadonkament

6:54 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

What's a Poker?
Is it cool like blog?

8:00 PM

Blogger Josie said...

Mondo - it was even more fun than it sounds.

Waffles and Light - thanks for the postive comments.

Mondo where do you live (at least tell me the time zone - if you think I'm a stalker) and tell me what time you CAN play....I have to pick a time and day and stick with it - but your comment gave me an idea. I wonder if Friday night would be better (no mookie competition)....I dunno - I may take a poll on my site and let my readers vote and decide. Mondo - that means you have to visit me!!! and comment!! and a click on one of my new advertisements would be a bonus!

8:02 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Mondo lives in Colorado I believe. Bayne in California.. that's why 9 is tough for them.

6:45 AM


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