Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hoyazo Is a Prick

We got twelve people calling it Not The Mookie. Not bad. Assuming 90 people in The Dank that means we only have to convert 78 more. We can do this! Anyhow this means I need to explain why I hate Hoyazo. Ironically enough it involves The Mookie when it was The Mookie.

In general nobody likes Hoyazo. Everyone calls him an arrogant fuck. People think he bumbles on for nine thousands pages of hot air. He basically sucks. However I never really had that much of a problem with him. People would IM me and be like "Hoyazo is a fucking moron" and I would be like "Nah he is ok". All of that ended during a dark, storm filled night, of The Mookie.

Hoyazo and Mookie had a bet going on. Whoever won a Mookie first was the winner or something like that. Perhaps it was if Mookie could win a Mookie that year. I had a big stack on the final table. It was down to like 3-4 of us. Mookie was still in it. If you have never seen him play this was a miracle in itself. I kid Mook I kid! So Mookie jams his stack in and I look down and see some massive hand like 92o. I call.

Why did I call here? Who knows. I was tired. I was having fun. I wanted to suck out on Mookie and make him cry. These games were more a friends night out than anything else. We all did crazy shit. The next thing I know Hoyazo is accusing me of chip dumping to Mookie to allow him to win the game and beat Hoyazo for this bet. He is accusing me everywhere. I talk to him in IM and explain I would never do that. He just calls me a liar and a chip dumper.

So that was it. I really am a pretty low key guy. Sure I rant and yell and scream on the blog but I never really hold animosity to anyone for a long time. I do not even hate Chad or Duggles. I think they are alright. I really have a pet peeve about people questioning my integrity though. I do not mind you saying "WTF! I don't believe you".. But when I then tell you I am telling the truth I expect you to believe me. Of course I lie at times I am no fucking Saint but if I am confronted about it I will be honest. I really hate lying and cheating and fakeness which is probably why I can not find a date but anyways.... So that is the boring story of why Hoyazo is dead to me.


Blogger jjok said...

I like hoy, and I've never chipdumped.

7:55 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

how big a bet are we talking here? $100 or so? and he accused you of colluding with Mookie for a share of the profit?


9:18 AM

Blogger The Poker Meister said...

From reading Hoy's blog, it is apparent that he takes poker very seriously. That said, accusing someone of cheating is definitely fighting words; your reputation is everything in this world.

I got more than one bit of info out of this post: Why the "Mookie" is called the "Mookie." Who is Mookie & why doesn't he play anymore?

9:35 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Hoy doesn't see a difference between chip dumping out of stupidity and chip dumping intentionally.

I have defended you with Hoy explaining you suck at math, are stupid and clearly have too much belief in your "reads" if you think 92 off is ever ahead against Mookie.

I believe there is plenty of evidence to support position that you are just stupid rather than unethical.

Someday Hoy will see the light and accept that you are a complete moron instead of a cheat.

9:43 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

to me it's only chip dumping/collusion if both players are in on it. if Waffles wants to play like an idiot and spew chips to Mookie solely to cause Hoy to lose a prop bet, and isn't getting any money from Mookie for doing so, then that's not cheating, at least in my opinion. it's definitely a dick move, but I don't think it would be against the rules.

that being said, I tend to believe Waffles when he says he just called because he thought it would be funny if he bad-beat Mookie. why would he even know about some random prop bet that I assume wasn't for very much money?

9:52 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

I don't know how you calling with 92 could even be construed as chip dumping based on your own history.

I would think that was a pretty strong holding in your mind.

Shame on Hoy!

9:59 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I did know the bet was on since it was publicized. I am not sure how much it was but it could not have been a whole lot. I would be surprised if it was over a hundred.

10:01 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

It almost hurts, but I'll support Waffles here. (say's the idiot that jammed 'The Bammer' last night. Only 5 times in two hours though!

Hammer, Bammer or 9-2?

Despite my being 'dumpy' and all, I can stand behind your logic.


10:38 AM

Blogger KenP said...

You have to start numbering these "Hoyazo is a #@#%$^" post. Be more like Poker Grump's lame SEO offering of casino walls and throw in #9874 or such.

It gives us a clue as to who's repetitive blog to skip for the day. I like to refer to it as blog dumping with the nuts.

10:45 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

That's it? That's the story?

Shit -- glad I didn't cave on the Mookie.

11:26 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Chip dumping?? How could he accuse you of chip dumping when everyone knows 9-2 is a monster. Hell, it has the Hammer dominated.

Actually this is funny because I regard 9-2 as a superstious hand for me as it represents the first hand I ever won in HE. First time at a table in the Taj in the BB with 9-2 and it limps to me. Flop comes 9-9-2 and that's all she wrote so sometimes I play it like the rest of you guys play the Hammer. Don't think I've ever called a shove with it at a final table tho.

11:46 AM

Blogger 23skidoo said...

the best part of this is there is a part (however small) of you that feels the need to justify your thrice verified reasons for believing hoy is a prick. like its not obvious

12:37 PM

Blogger Sean D said...

Look, there are all times we have ALL tried to bad beat Mookie so we could win a banner from him.

I once played J4o in the button just to try and bad beat Mookie.

Sometimes you do stupid things for better reasons, sometimes you shove Jacks even though you know twoblackaces has queens (My Mook out this week).

Just try to do what you can to realize that sometimes, even how small a list there may be, people are in the world who don't like wawfuls.

I doubt it, but that's just me.

10:07 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

that's not chip dumping, it's just bad poker.

2:24 AM

Blogger Iak said...

well thanks i've wondered for a while what happened. i, like JJ, like both of you dummies. pound fer pound you're the indispensible reads that keep me somewhat aware of the community pending my inevitable return. all this time i thought the two of you were just having the rest of us on and it became an unbreakable habit. as is, i think Bayne's comment verifies he's both a clear-headed analyst and fawking funny too.

8:52 AM


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