Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Now We're Talking

Gah! My wife is SUCH a pain in the ass. I am so fucking pissed off at her right now. Why can she not close the deal and move in with her boyfriend? Suck that cock harder you bitch. I know we have a weird situation going on right now. Basically we have declared ourselves divorced and decided we are but are living together for a little while more so the kids can stay in a nice house in a good town. Somehow this has turned into "Hey you can carry my heavy bag in the morning and should do all the chores I tell you to". No idea how that happened. I obviously refuse to do any chores unless she sets up a schedule of the chores and who is responsible for them. She refuses to do this. Every month or so she then yells at me "WHAT! I AM THE ONLY ONE DOING CHORES! I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!". So I laugh at the bitch and tell her to make a schedule.. and then every month or so... Think maybe the marriage failed because of a failure to communicate or compromise. Probably. To be fair not only on her side.

Lately she has been pissing me off even more though. The other night she is out with her boyfriend and calls up. She says "I am going to have a sitter over for a few hours to watch the kids". I told her I would be fine watching them. She said that I just go downstairs and play on the computer and I should not watch them.

In part this can be true. Normally if she asks me to watch them I will make sure to come up and watch TV with them. At times I have problems with going out and playing with them outside. I guess I am dealing (poorly) with depression or from withdrawing into myself to avoid all the issues of living with my wife these past few years. I have really withdrawn a lot. Even to the point of not bothering to renew my cell phone. I just feel like I have no energy most of the time.

It annoys me when she refuses to let me watch the kids though. So I told her I was glad we had all this money to waste. I then told her I would walk around naked in front of the babysitter. It's my fucking house and I can do what I want. Obviously I was not really going to do that. What does she do? She says "Do I have to get a restraining order on you?"..... Now I am beyond fucking pissed off. I mean we are having a conversation on the phone and your going to threaten me like that? So I raise my voice and say "Fucking do it!". She keeps babbling. I say "DO IT!" "DO IT!". She backs way the fuck down. I think she knew that if I got taken out of the house I would not be back and she would not be getting a cent from me.

I am still amazed that she would threaten me that way when we were having a conversation. I guess it all comes down to communication again. I really need to get out of this funk and take control again. I just can not seem to get my head out of my ass though. I really hate the idea of pill popping to happiness (prescribed not self induced). I believe people have it in themselves to control their lives. I am in this situation because I choose to be. I have never been of the camp that we need shrinks and medicines to get our lives under control.

The best part of this is the other day. I am in the car with the kids taking them to C&J Frosties with a MIGRAINE headache.. ok sometimes I can get my head out of my ass and do nice things.. just not all the time. The kid tells me that she left him and his little sister alone at home. So recap. I am a horrible person for being downstairs when watching the kids and she is a saint for not being there at all. Apparently she was on the phone with them I found out later but still. I actually do not have a huge problem with them watching themselves for an hour. I was a latchkey kid although that may not be a ringing endorsement. In these days and times with fricken nanny police and everyone being hyper concerned about everything but themselves I do not think it is a great idea. The thing that bothers me the most though is the double standard. Everything I do is wrong everything anyone else does is right.

I can never win. Last weekend when she slept over her boyfriends house I went upstairs. Spent time with the kids. Asked them what they wanted for breakfast and drove all over heaven and earth to get them Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds hash browns. Ok. Not the healthiest things in the world but still. I come back with them sporting a dozen donuts. I talked the boy down from two dozen. He is a tough sell. The wife comes home with like one donut for each kid. WIN ME! In your face! The kids LOVE my dozen donuts and look in disdain upon her puny offering. So what do I get? She says she can not believe I fucking bought them a dozen donuts. I mean what kind of idiot buys kids a dozen donuts.

She has been bitching at me to go ahead and get a car. So I did some research and picked something I liked that was a manual. She never before mentioned that MY CAR was going to be used by the nanny. So I say "Um, the car I picked may not be as safe for the kids, let the nanny destroy your car".. and she gets all pissed off. First off lets get a nanny that FUCKING KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE. Secondly why is it ok to destroy my car but her car needs to be protected? Also the fifty times I mentioned cars and models before you MIGHT HAVE MENTIONED THIS TO ME. Fucking cunt. I am seriously so sick of her.

I just can not win. Either I am not spending enough time with them or interacting well or I am a total fuckup for making them happy. I take them fishing and she bitches that she can not get anything done. So I tell them it's time to leave. She bitches that I did not let them fish long enough.

I mean I think I SHOULD be depressed. I do not think I should hide that with medicine. There is a reason I am depressed. It is because a bunch of shit in my life sucks. My body like does this for a purpose right? I dunno.

Anyhow I just feel better dumping shit out on my pages. It gets it off my mind. Instead of letting it whirl all around forever driving me more insane. Besides I know my hatah readers love this shit. Oh and if any Nanny Police are around. Um. I made all this up.


Blogger Riggstad said...

WOW just.... WOW

Everything you do from here on out should be to one up your wife in the worst way.

Do the laundry... except hers.

Pay the bills... except hers.

Take her off the cell phone plan. Take her off car insurance. Take her off of health care.

Cook extravagant dinners for you and the kids... not her.

start twisting the knife bro... start twisting.

12:37 PM

Blogger Riggstad said...

Oh, and tea bag her while she is sleeping... that will get her out of the house!

12:38 PM

Blogger KenP said...

Does anyone believe you staying for the benefit of the kids is benefiting the kids?

Get the hell out and find a legal bulldog. Hire a private eye and get pictures. Make your set as big as her set.

1:26 PM

Blogger Josie said...

Riggs is right. Teabag that bitch.

Sorry but man you gotta listen.

You're fucking DIVORCED. Ex-wives don't get input on what car her husband drives. Nope. She pushes your buttons and you react. You need to get out of this vicious cycle. You both live there? Fine.

She just likes stepping all over you and she'll keep doing it if you let her. What a fucking c*nt.

But you have to be in control. Buy the car you want. Let her figure out her nanny situation on her own.

Buy the dozen donuts...she can do what she wants when she's witht he kids. When she complains don't react. In one ear and out the other.

If the worst thing you do is play a fucking video game when you're watching the kids then she's too stupid to know how lucky she has it. Actually i think she DOES know how lucky she has it but some women are just never satisfied. Some guys too for that matter.

I'm sure seeing her going out with her BF has to be having an effect on you. Of course you're down. I disagree with your thoughts on medication. if you're hurt you go to the doctor and get better. you don't say I broke my arm it's supposed to hurt like a fucker and turn gangrene.

Damn I am sooo pissed off right now.

1:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so much more interesting when you are off your meds.

1:52 PM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

You dumb fucking shit. You are lettng her stay in the house while doing what she wants with nothing really settled except you say you are divorced. And you think this is going to work out to your benefit? You gotta drop the hammer and set some guidelines. Why do I say this? Because I was a similar dumb fucking shit. I spent a few years in married "bliss", never questioning the wife and never saying no. She finally slapped me with the papers and even then I was Mr. Niceguy (not that anyone would apply that term to you) but basically gave her most of what she wanted in the settlement rather than fight in front of our daughter. Even in the first year or so after we seperated I got ragged out about every little thing I did with my daughter, let's face it I spoil her, and she restricted me to every little footnote in the custody agreement and her interpertation of it.

Finally I had enough after she started on me about how long I could have my daughter for one summer vacation. I snapped and went off on her like a M-80 on the 4th. I threw her various violations of the decrees in her face, brought up a lot of grievances that had been simmering and ended it with the line, "You divorced me sweetheart, I don't have to listen to you any more." and tpld her we could do things nice or we could wind up back in court. Amazingly we have got alog fairly decently ever since. Oh, she still has her occasional moments and she still tries to slip things by me rather than bully them past but on the whole things go very smothly. Hell, if I had gone medievil on her ass while married I might still be so.

So act like she's someone from the blogosphere, or even better that she's Hoy, and do what you do best.

2:34 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

dude you are getting owned pretty hard.

3:34 PM

Blogger Bayne_S said...


You need to find yourself a screamer and bring her home

3:48 PM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

this is depressing

go back to shitting on other bloggers please

4:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to get the fuck out of that house and fast. Go get your dream apartment and splurge for a queen sized air mattress.

Serious, you and her are going to do way more harm on those kids being there then leaving. What do you think those kids are learning watching this drama play out. Not to have a healthy relationship comes to mind first.

As for the meds, what does it hurt to try them? You don't like them get off them, they work well you stay on them. You have to get rid of that old New England, bitter, hard core, I deserve a shitty life attitude. Meds fix bad chemistry that you have no control over. Your chemistry is fucked up and the meds will get your chemistry back to normal. Please for the sake of your sanity at least fucking try them.

I'm not kidding when I say it would not surprise me one bit if one of these days either your wife or you or both of you are dead. This is that serious.

Get help and fix this situation Waffles.

5:12 PM

Blogger KajaPoker said...

I know

7:49 PM

Blogger Thorn said...

Hey, Waffles.

She's a demon. I know she's the mother of your kids, and you loved her and may still love her a bit deep down... but listen to your loyal readers. She's fucking killing you from the inside out. Whatever good points she has, the fact that she is manipulative, completely selfish, stupid, and heartless to boot is tearing you down. Especially since you're still getting the brunt of her shit.

You're really a nice guy because you're still worried about your kids. But she's pure evil. Your kids shouldn't have to see their father getting shit on by that harpy.

Wolfshead and MiamiDon are right. She gets no say on how you live your life, and you should definitely get some meds or talk with a therapist because your relationship is deadly unhealthy. It's great that you can blow off steam on the blog, but a man can only take so much before imploding or losing it and bashing her head in in an explosive fit of rage.

There's nothing weak about getting help for emotions that are getting out of hand.

7:55 PM

Blogger genomeboy said...

I'm not a hater, but this sounds like the absolute worst situation ever for your kids.

Dude, get a lawyer, file for custody, and kick her out. Or just leave. You are not doing the kids any favors staying in the same house.

June is coming, all the old residents leave and the new ones are coming soon. Find a 2 bedroom apartment, sleep on a pull out sofa and let the kids have rooms. Just get out.

6:58 PM


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