Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day in the Life

Game 1:
Decent stack but high blinds and lot of people left. KQ Jams. He has low amount of chips. I call with AT. KK flop Q river.

I get bad cards so I get down to like 500 chips with 10 blinds. I jam all in with K2 from EP. Mostly because I had been so tight. I get rejammed by a guy which effectively protects my hand. Flop K25. I start thinking hey he has no outs right. 7 turn. Wait. He has a 5 for an out right? River 5. IGH.

Game 2:
Jam K8 s00ted after not playing a hand for a LONG time and get called by KJ. Jamming K8 good idea. Calling all your chips with KJ not good. Still in it.

Jam AQ s00ted. Q7 calls. Bubble time. I hold somehow.

TJ. Flops a T. CR all in. Ace river... HOWEVER J on turn saves my buns. 2 of 4. With 3k chips 160 blinds.

Down to 2k vs limped Kings. Coulda cost me more with my TP but did not.

Couple steals. 2,3 and 4 are tied at like 2k-2400. Still bubble has not broken.

Cold called flop bet and bluffed with air when the top pair made trips. Back to 2800.

Fourth stack just doubled through 3rd stack. He is still in. Has 800 chips though.

Called his jam. K9 vs A6. It was for 600 chips. I had 2600. Figured I would try and take him out. I sucked out trip K's to break the bubble.

I am half the leader but tied with 2nd place chips.

I go out in 3rd when I bluff TT. I raised pot pre and got called by A4 and obviously I was no good. I jammed the turn with a straight draw though to try and get a weaker ace to fold. LJ taught me the weak ace NEVER folds. Why did I not listen?

Game 3:
4 of 7. *yawn*.

24o. Guess it's like crubs and only works for Grump. Oh oh maybe I folded too soon. LOL would have rivered the 2 hi flush win!

Lost a bit with a draw. Not too much.

Won a bit with a raise. Not too much.

24o again.... Don't know if it would have won again.

6 of 6. Hmm.

Huge bluff! I won! Back to starting stack. Still 6 of 6. Jammed in with Q high on K77 board thinking the guy had a small pair.

AK s00t. Jamming to take out limpers. Q5 s00ted calls. 5 flop. A turn. Q river. I am out.


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