Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Shut Up

Listen. When you put forth a hypothesis like "I am worth more to you alive than dead because I do not have a lot of life insurance". You should be prepared for my rebuttal. I mean really is that being "mean" if I put forth the counter argument that "No, I think your worth more dead". I mean why did you offer your opinion if you did not want to hear mine? Seriously.

Also if you ask me to buy Maxi-Pads for you.. do you really expect me to do it? Is it mean that I tell you to get Nick to do it? Get someone who gives a fuck to do it? I mean I went shopping not fucking cunt rag hunting. Guys do not do that shit unless they are getting blown. I do not remember my cock in your mouth recently. So that means you buy your own fucking pussy soppers (sorry running low on adjectives).

Anyhow this all means I am disrespectful and do not provide the common courtesy that one human provides another. Go fucking cry on someone else's shoulder. If you are lucky I will throw you a cunt rag to dry your eyes with.


Blogger Riggstad said...

Man! I feel so much better now!

5:53 PM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

LOL. Did you give her a quarter and tell her to call someone who gives a shit?

As for the deead/alive argument money is so overrated when compared to satisfaction.

6:46 PM

Blogger Sean D said...

Tell me what you really think Waf!

7:19 AM


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