Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two More

Two more this morning but now I need to take a crap.

11. 3. Boom. Fought my way back! Fucking didnt jam the flop with 2nd pair and let 3rd pair catch up
Finally had to go with A2 vs A8. Ug.
12. 1. Overplayed Tens vs Queens. Got short. BAck in it AQ>44.

I am VERY happy that I took two 500 chip stacks that I totally screwed up and took first and third.

After the crap...

13. 8. Overbluffed a hand and folded the river then jammed JackAce into AK. Bad game. May be getting bored. Time for a break.
14. 8. Back to average stack. Some tard limp jammed KK. I called with AQ because it wasnt soooo much. LOL.Ug. AK s00ted. Flopped J66 2 of my suit. Bet the flop. Jam the turn. 77 calls. Um. Ya?


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