Friday, July 23, 2010

First Set

So two tabling I got in 9 games for the night. Here are my finishes and some notes I took on the games.

1.5th. Little short (900@25/50). Dude jammed 3x in a row. So I called his 4th jam with KJ. He happened to have KQ. Was a little too loose to get down to 900.
2.4th. Jammed 88 120 blinds/1300 chips. JJ called. Then fought back. Bad call with 2nd pair. Went from 2 of 4 to 4 of 4 (100/200). AK raise. 58 calls. I lose. Still in it. 150/300. 4 left. Ug.Ug. Jammed J4 into QJ on the SB vs BB vs Shortest. 1BB left 79crubs! Hit a 7 and a 9. All in again AT. And Bubble vs K9.
3.4th. (25/50). Q3 clubs. Limped. Lost 500 on AKT 2 clubs. CKKKAYYY! Jam 88's into Jacks AGAIN and tie. All in short. 2 callers. Have the Josie. Flop a straight vs a set and tripple up. 6 left. 88 vs 44. Lost. AJ All in. Doubled. 120/240 blinds. 4 left. 1200 chips. J8 vs A5. All in. And Bubble again.
4.8th. Raised 150 >10% of his stack. He cold calls. Crippled with AJ vs 45. A 3 flush flop. I didnt think he had the flush. ug. Flopped top pair and got guttered on the river. Ug.
5. 2nd. Basically got Aces and won.
6. 2nd.
7. 1st.
8. 2nd. A6 vs K4. He flopped 2 pair.
9. 5th. 33 flops a set. 99 jams all in on A3 board. I call. River 9. Crippled. Worked it back up. Then called off down to 75 chips with 22. QQ trippled me to 300. I then went out with 22 when AK rivered a gutter straight.


Blogger Josie said...

You wound up ahead right? Plus you got a couple of bubbles that could've gone either way. Nice going.

4:50 AM


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