Monday, August 09, 2010

I will never learn

I will definitely never learn. Poker gets me too angry. It is my one big fault. Somedays I handle it well and others I become a raving lunatic. After that 5th 3-outer or tenth bubble when some retard calls with 89o for all his chips... UG! It is on my to keep cool and say "nh gg sir" not on my opponent. At least the bankroll did not have to pay for my anger. Well maybe like 10-20 bucks worth but not anything critical.

If you take anything from my pages of rants and raging you should realize it is probably the one reason I am not a zillionaire in poker right now. Despite the impression of donkatude I give I could probably kick your ass in poker any day of the week. It is just the long term attitude that keeps killing me.

Sunday was a nice day with the girl child. I took her to the Puppet Showplace Theater. The boy fiend did not wish to go. He claims he is horrified by puppets since I let him watch Chucky. Good parenting skills activate! I think he is full of shit and just wanted to relax at home. I told him I would not buy him a puppet if he did not go.

The theater was so different than when I went 33 years ago. :P. It was pretty wild. It was more formed into a theater. When I was a kid it was more a shop filled with all kinds of weird and wild puppets and a stage was in the front. The puppets have become more generic brands and the theater is a fully seated and benched monstrosity curtained off to the left. I am not sure if the girl liked the show itself. It was kind of hot inside so that could be part of why she seemed sleepy. We had pizza and she bought a monkey puppet. It started out with a Texas accent but after the show it became the voice of the little mouse. It's name is Brownie. She vetoed my name of Nutty Banana's. It was nice to get some time with the girl. I sometimes spend more time with the boy because he has noticeable and outward behavioral issues where she is more quiet and well behaved. I am going to try and get some activity done with them every weekend. Next weekend I think I will try Canoeing.



Blogger Josie said...

Canoeing rocks! Actually I can give you both poker and canoeing advice. Heh, but I'll start with poker. Let's play an online game tonight and I'll keep you in a happy mood (while taking your cash).

8:28 AM


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