Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I was crossing the street today and these guys meet in the middle of the street. Hey George, How's is going , hey not bad. Blah blah blah. What the fuck? Why are you having a fucking conference call in the middle of the fucking street? Also and more importantly what has Darwin failed me!!!! You should be so fucking dead by now you moron.

See this is more proof that society has built in buffers against Darwin that save all but the worse of us. It dumbs down the gene pool badly. I mean half the shit we get away with. I mean do you know why the North African Serval went extinct? Do you? Huh? Well.. neither do I.. but I bet it was something stupid like his fur grew too long and it slowed him down and predators ate him up. See little shit. Nothing he could do. We get away with far worse and yet we survive. sick.

Booked my flight to Vegas today. Heading in around 10:37PM Vegas Time. See you all at the MGM. Bunking up with Skiddoo at the IP. Hopefully will not be in the room much. No offence to Skiddoo. Flying out on the Red Eye Sunday night.

Been feeling down lately. Looking at the enormity of all my issues. Not fun. It's much better to break everything down into manageable parts. Still have not found a good Gym solution either. So that is not helping. Even little things discourage me like my bank decided to start charging fees. Is this some sort of government thing? The letter seemed to say that the government was forcing them to charge 5 bucks a month for an account but that seems odd.... So now do I find another bank? Make sure I do multiple transactions a month to avoid fees? I could like take out $20 3x at lunch and be basically done for the month. I dunno. See. Blah.

Went out with my buddy and his wife for dinner Saturday. Had a fun time. Drank a bit. I think I should really consider becoming an alcoholic. I mean it seems like a good idea. Perhaps I can get some lessons from my degen buddies in Vegas. Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

Bank of America has free checking if you have direct deposit sent there.

You should def work on the alcoholic thing in vegas. :) I will help.

10:24 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

Fuck me!

I sense the call I've been waiting for my entire blogging life, "help Waffles become me!" and wouldn't you know it, I'm 1/99 at best, to make the WPBT for the first time ever.

word verification = itsuckstobeme

7:49 PM

Blogger BLAARGH! said...

So why is my name the title of a post on becoming a drunk? I *hic* don drin any mo$jgjsfkgsfjk

6:49 AM


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