Friday, October 29, 2010


I am more mad than I have ever been. Anyways here are my picks in the double or nothing. Much tougher week to pick for most games.

Packers Jets Jets 13
Bills Chiefs Chiefs 12
Dolphins Bengals Dolphins 11
Redskins Lions Redskins 10
Texans Colts Colts 9
Jaguars Cowboys Cowboys 8
Vikings Patriots Patriots 7
Panthers Rams Rams 6
Steelers Saints Steelers 5
Broncos 49ers Broncos 4
Buccaneers Cardinals Buccaneers 3
Seahawks Raiders Seahawks 2
Titants Chargers Titans 1


Blogger Kajagugu said...

WHo the hell are the Tit Ants?

9:14 AM


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