Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Cooler Night

Here are my picks as promised. I intend to run the gambit and get every pick right. So you should play a huge parlay card here. Odds are brought to you by ESPN.

Dallas at Arizona +6.5.
A tale of two suck teams. I like Dallas here. Arizona is going to have trouble scoring and Dallas is going to run up the score.

New England at Buffalo +8
Easy pick of New England. Normally these games are close but Buffalo is really bad this year and the Patriots have been running up the score on anyone and everyone around. Last week was a trap game. The Pats come back this week and fuck the Bills up hard.

Jets at Chicago -2
This one is a hard one. Either team could win and both teams have something to play for. The Bears are looking for a bye-week and the Jets are looking to make the playoffs. I am going to give the nod to the Bears despite loving to see Lightning cringe or maybe because of.

Baltimore at Cleavland +3
I think Baltimore can cover the three points against Cleavland. The Ravens have a lot to play for, the Browns have been on a slide, and history is for the Ravens beating the Browns by at least three.

Tennessee at KC -4.5
At the beginning of the year when the Peakers of the world were so excited about the Chiefs I had to laugh a little. I think I have come around a bit though. The Chiefs probably will not go deep this years as they have some missing pieces but I like the team and they should improve. I think KC will smoke Tennessee. The Titans have been teh suck all year.

San Fran at St. Louis -2
I like St. Louis here a lot. I think they have been playing decent lately and San Fran sucks. It is always hard to bet when two suck teams play and it seems like a ton of suck teams are playing each other this week but I think St. Louis steps up and wins this one.

Detroit at Miami -4
See above about suck teams. Ug. I think the key that makes this pick is Miami's inability to win at home. So I am going with Detroit here.

Washington at Jacksonville -6.5
Jacksonville all the way. Washington sucks so bad that it might be contagious. I think they have some bad Karma coming there way too for the whole McNabb thing.

San Diego at Cincinnati +7
I am not in love with the 7 points but since this is not a playoff game I see the Chargers winning it especially against the Bungles. Sorry Iggy!!!

Houston at Denver -3
I am not sure why Denver is favored here? I mean have you seen them play? I sort of have a soft spot in my heart for the Texans and I am picking them to go house. Denver is ridiculous this year.

Indy at Oakland +2.5
Props to the Raiders for playing well enough to get this game down to 2.5 points. Indy has a lot to play for and Payton is really good in games that are not in the post season much like the Chargers. I think Indy takes this all the way.

New York at Green Bay -3
Kind of a tough one here. So much on the line for both teams. I am going to pick the Giant's here. Rodgers is going to be knocked out in the first and the inexperience of his replacement will cost them. Giant's run game will eeek out a win.

Seattle at Tampa Bay -6
Too many points here. Seattle for sure with that big -6 on it. I think this is a really bad line.

Minnesota at Philadelphia -14
Fuck that is a HUGE line. Sure Minnesota sucks and has nothing to play for and Farve is out I think.. which could be good or bad... I hate such a big line though. I did take the big line with the Steelers though... but Minnesota is probably slightly better than the Panthers... I am going to go with Minnesota to cover because the Eagles have only pulled out a 14 point win once this year. Hopefully they follow true to form and just barely lose it by the points even though they will almost certainly win the game.

New Orleans at Hotlanta -2
Falcons bring too much heat. New Orleans is going down. I really think the Falcons make the Super Bowl this year.

So these are the picks of the cooler... or am I no longer a cooler? Has Hoyazo taken over that job? I have no idea so use these picks at your own discretion. If you happen to play a 10 card parlay for $10 and pick just remember your old pal Waffles! Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

We have all the same picks except 2 games. I went with Miami, and I DID NOT pick the giants.

7:11 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Asshole. Thanks a hell of a lot.

7:31 AM


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