Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Only 9749.95 left to go! BAYNE IS DOOOOMED! Fucker! DOOMED.

I played a PLO8 SNG. Won it. Paid for my entry into the VeryJosie. Played that fucking game. OMFG. Her goddamn N000b fucker cocksucking ghey fuck of a mormon goddamn beat my AJ with AT, then 78 with 76 and then fucking calls off over a fucking third of his stack with 99 vs my AA... and fucking flops his goddamn set! Motherfucking hate n00b kids. Was fun messing around with CaaardGrrrrll though. Hopefully she knew I was just screwing around. Not that I said anything bad mind you.

Anyhow I went out early in the Josie and called it a night. Bayne is scared now. He knows he is going to have to pay up. Biatch. Hope someone got Josie. :P.


Blogger Josie said...

Someone got Josie, but it wasn't YOU! :p

3:50 AM


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