Friday, February 11, 2011

Commend Bodog

I have to say I am surprised and kind of pleased that Bodog decided to put it's foot down and suspend all data mining aids from it's client. I think this is a controversial move for a poker site but I like a lot of what they are saying in the "why" part of the article. I am sure they will lose some regulars because of this.

One other thing. Since I began writing the Waffles Report at Tao of Fear I need to look for the powers behind the scene. Is this possibly a precursor to Bodog going legit with some land based American casino? Would this hint at regulators banning these types of aids in the US? It seems logical to me. I have no proof or facts to back up any of these claims but if it happens you heard it here first.


Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

You know that the Waffles Report probably gets you on some sort of watch list, not that you weren't already listed on a few as a potential domestic terrorist.

At any rate, welcome aboard! Keep up the good work with the Waffles Report.

FYI... the captcha word verification was: WEEDU.

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