Monday, January 31, 2011

Totally Different Direction

I really had nothing all that interesting to say today then I popped over to Josie's blog. I meant to tell her to jump into the street because Lightning says she will do it.. Just kidding Josie!! She had a link to Tara's site I Can't Help It, I'm Just Me. I have to say I love a woman who can use the word Fucktard in a sentence! Her blog is kind of a lot of the Waffles drama without the bad punctuation and spelling. Not sure if she can do a good rant yet. Worth a read though people.

Things are pretty static in my life right now. We sent the hot Au Pair that was bunking with the Mongloid Au Pair off to New York. She is staying with a nice family there. I really had no problem with her staying with us for a few days. We are getting rid of the Mongloid at the end of the week I think. We have traded her in for a nice Scottish Hottie. Tall. Blonde. Not so hot that she thinks she is all that. Perfect.

Still procrastinating starting working out again. Getting closer to being motivated again. I should write a book on procrastinating I am pretty good at it. I will start that tomorrow.

The boy is still playing Basketball. He enjoys it but gets mad when the coach does not give him enough time. I understand where he is coming from but between favoritism and him not being a super star at the sport I think his ass is going to continue to get splinters. I did not tell him this because he works hard at the game and I want him to continue with it.

We continue to worry a bit about his education. He has some learning disabilities in ADD and Dyslexia. We do not think the school is providing the proper education and keep fighting to get him some outside schooling. The schools are more concerned with budgets so they fight this constantly.

I also worry a little about his medicine. The wife wants to drug him up more and more I think. It concerns me on a lot of levels. It was kind of hard for me to agree to give him anything because I sort of think this whole thing is voodoo doctor shit. I also think that there is a possibility of that kind of medicine leading to drug addiction. I mean it is basically speed for kids right? The wife disagrees totally. Obviously taking drugs can not lead to taking stronger drugs. That is unpossible. It is all kind of confusing. The kid is in sixth grade now.

I remember not taking school seriously at all before 7th grade and after that due to being a social outcast I never reached my full potential. However I always aced what I needed to in order to get by and now I have a job that most people would consider highly successful. I mean I am no Chacko and "The Wife" but I do better than average.

The girl is a sweet darling little girl as usual. heh. Sometimes I think she gets overlooked with all of the drama of the boy. We will have to make sure that does not happen.

Anyways life continues to be an interesting mess. At least I get to amuse all of you. Peace.


Blogger DrChako said...

I find myself saying this all the time: "...I always aced what I needed to in order to get by and now I have a job that most people would consider highly successful. I mean I am no "The Wife" but I do better than average.


PS. She was a WAY better student than I was. Like, not even in the same conversation.

PPS. Did you see the comic she posted in your honor on Twitter and Facebook?

8:33 AM

Blogger 23skidoo said...

Gee, that was almost heartfelt. It's not too late to grow waffles!

Take care and get your ass off the couch.

10:53 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Having to make those decisions (medication) regarding your kids is tough. We felt like we were forced to with ours. His behavior dictated that we try whatever necessary. At some point much later he requested to stop taking them, and we worked him back off. He has been fine ever since.

I don't think you have to worry about him turning into a junkie. Remember that the medication is not being used to get him high, but to get him back at about the same general state as other kids.

2:57 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

When you get around to that book on procrastination, let me know. Not right away or anything! I prolly won't pick it up until the next day at least.

Oh and for me, I always aced what I needed to in order to get by and now I have a blog that most people would consider highly successful. I mean, I am no Waffles, but I do better than average.


10:39 AM


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