Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Communication is Necessary

I have been taking peoples advice about the new Au Pair and trying to make her feel welcome by actually talking to her. I consider this to be bad advice but what do I know about people.

Me: So you just got out of the shower huh?
Her: um yes.
Me: mmm. Your hair smells so good.
Her: erm... thanks.

ok. Ok. I did NOT say that. I did think it however. Except it was kind of confusing because I am not sure if the fat Mongloid took the shower or the cute Scottish girl. I tend to think it was the Scottish girl because she always smells good. I did actually have some conversations with her too.. not sure I am good at that kind of thing without a few beers in me.

I took the kid over my friend Marks house for the Super Bowl. I know. Being social again. What the hell. It almost went bad. I was driving over and the kid had me looking at his mirror and for some reason we both thought the light changed green.. um, not so much.. I came inches from getting creamed. Not fun getting old.

The game itself was good. I played how many beers can I shove down my face before halftime.. I wanted to give myself enough time to get sober before I drove home. If you guess 3 then you win. The game itself was pretty decent. It was kind of boring at the beginning. I actually kind of started dozing off... yeah, yeah, maybe it was the beer.. anyway.. the last quarter was really good. I made it back in one piece too. I was actually fine by the time the game was over.

One thing that sucked was I missed Christina flubbing the National Anthem. The wife held me up too long. Personally I think she was totally drunk and fucked up. Do I think she should be burned at the stake though? nah. People fuck up. So what. What was up with that half time show too? I mean it was HORRIBLE. It seemed like the whole sound system was out of sync or something. The only part I enjoyed a little (even if it was a HUGE sell out) was Slash making love to Fergie with his guitar. Either that or I am wayy too horny.

The kid had a great time. He suckered Marks kid into playing some basketball on a nerf hoop. He is going to want to go to every Super Bowl party now.

Nothing else really going on. The house is leaking bad from ice dams. The fucking T was like an hour late for no goddamn good reason this morning. I mean seriously you can not run because it gets a little cold? Fuck you all. Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

Wow, you actually listened to my advice and communicated with her. Now remember, no sniffing her hair or eyeing her boobs. You're the nice dad, not the creepy one. Fake it till you make it! lol

11:45 AM


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