Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Morning MBTA

Dear MBTA Parking,

You make me laugh so much. I find it really cute when you leave notes on my windshield saying I owe you money. I mean cmon get some balls like the town of Needham and have cops give out real tickets because there is no way in hell I am paying you. I mean I only park there a few times a year. So basically you can fuck off.

Normally I might consider paying you but here is the thing. If you look at the entire fucking parking lot I parked in you would realize that I would need a goddamn blowtorch and fucking pick axe to ever figure out what slot I am parked in. I mean what the fuck do you expect me to do? Bring a goddamn shovel to work and dig out my spot number? Are you really that fucking retarded? I mean maybe if you were not cheap shitheads and you actually cleared out the snow from the parking lot people would pay you. Instead you dimwits leave the spots covered in inches of ice and slush and snow and expect me to do what? I mean really?

So I will not be paying your stupid vanilla envelop that you left on my windshield. In fact I will be laughing that you spend 15 cents more trying to collect. Whatcha gonna do? Huh? Yeah, I did not think so. BWAHAHAHAHA! Pussies.

Fuck You Assholes,


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