Monday, March 14, 2011

Changes Part Duex

Ha! I am still gonna fail to write the post I keep meaning to. I really keep meaning to write a nice big post but then I feel like I am not writing often enough and so I keep writing the little updates.

The weekend poker went horrible. I played bad in a few spots. I got the most ridiculous suckouts ever including one hand where I bet the flop, jammed the turn, and A3.. no pair.. nada.. calls me and binks his fucking miracle Ace on the river. Instead of going insane I switched over to Warcraft. I actually have 200K gold in the game.. well, just shy.. 250K used to be the limit now it is a million! bwahahah!

The boy lost his basketball final. He got a "Metro West Runner Up" Tee shirt for surviving till the end. I was really proud of the team getting that far since they kind of sucked. I laughed at the parents at the end of the game with all their "Good game boys" bullshit. When you lose by 20 points it was NOT a good game. Sorry. Tell little Timmy he sucked and move on.

The Wife, Daughter and I went to breakfast before the game. We had dropped the son off to early warmups first. The daughter wanted to race me to the restaurant so I smoked her tiny little 8yr old ass! YA! I am faster than an 8 year old! BOOOM! I think she was surprised I could move that fast. As a side note did you ever notice most people in "All Day Breakfast" places are 300 pounds or more. I seriously felt like the skinny one. Our waitress had a really nice ass though so she got a good tip.

I skipped my nephews birthday party. The rest of the family went. I really did not want to see my idiot sister and I do not like her kid either. It is not his fault. I think I am just transferring feelings for my sister onto him.

I started up the C25K plan again. It seems a lot easier even after 5 months off. I am about 10 pounds lighter than when I first started but I figured I would have the same breathing issues as last time. It was not bad at all though. Weird. So now the schedule is something like:


100 Pushups Program
10 Flights of Stairs at work

There is a little flex in there.. like this weekend I never got to the pushups because I woke up at 3AM on Saturday and could not go back to sleep. So I was totally exhausted. I am amazed I even ran.

I rocked Angry Birds this weekend too. Ut oh! Anyway more substantial post later. Peace.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Nice plus with your son getting the shirt. Even though the team lost he came out of it looking good.

8:47 AM

Blogger Josie said...

gl with the plan.

9:16 AM


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