Thursday, April 28, 2011

Young Buck

You think your so cool. Running your 1.5 minute quarter miles. Racing past me. Fuck you cocksucker. I knew you were a fucking pussy. I was running before you got there and I finished running well after you were done. Sure you ran your mile with some speed but your just a little bitch who runs for a few seconds then calls his mommy because he can not go anymore. boo hoo.

I knew you were going to fucking give up. Stupid punk kid. You may get to feel up some nice, new 16yr old boobs, but your just a bitch to me. So suck it you little cuntbag. I may feel like crip wolf after my run, I may breath as hard as that pervert Lightning, and I may end up having a fucking stroke or something but I fucking did it. I ran the distance. I beat your punk ass. So go fuck yourself. Peace.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Dude, that's no way to speak to your son. HAHAHA!

2:44 PM


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