Friday, July 01, 2011

So It Begins..

So it begins. I may have editorialized a little bit. Sue me. I am just getting back into the synopsis.

What a fucking math genius Hoyazo must be to come to the conclusion that because a small group of people only won one bracelet at the WSOP (included in his sample size is a person who is not even playing) that they are distracted by legal matters and playing sub-par. I would almost bet you money that any 6 person sample size in the WSOP that has one bracelet is actually an unfucking believably good win percentage.

I would further conclude that certain people he chose like Lederer have historically never done well at the WSOP. Period. Out of date, wannabe, fucking player.

Moron. Learn some fucking math skillz instead of your retarded lawyer twisting reality to suit yourself skills. jackoff.


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