Friday, June 24, 2011

Woooo hooooo .. *burp*

Had a good time last night. Went out to use some free gift cards I got to Outback about two years ago. Fuck Ya! I procrastinate! Went with a couple of old friends. Got to that nirvana state where I am drunk enough to be hilariously funny yet not drunk enough to "fall asleep". If you have never had the pleasure of seeing me in this state then you are missing a good time. It is pretty cheap to get me to that point too. Only 2-3 beers will do it. I really should become an alcoholic.

Some of the highlights were calling the waiter Kojak all night. At least I gave him a good tip. Giving people the benefit of my incredible wisdom. Air bumping-and-grinding often. Cornhollio imitations. Not sure what else I did but my companions had tears streaming down their faces. Peace.


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