Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy The World

I have listened to some of the Occupy [Insert City Here] protests and seen the cops violent reactions to the freedoms we founded our nation on. I have been watching from my little dungeon basement and I think I get it.

People out protesting do not seem to have an agenda or set of things they are protesting. In general they are lashing out at "the rich guy". Other people are calling them hippies and ne'erdowells.

I really think what these people are protesting is the state of our world. We have built a giant, consumerist, more-more-more, faster. faster world. Constantly going and trying to outdo the Joneses. Frankly things are out of control.

I think we all long for the simpler days. Days when you did not have to have two people working full time to survive. Someone would be home with the kids, cooking the dinner, doing homework, taking care of things. Kids would be outside playing with each other. Safe. Secure. The world was a better place.

We believed in our political system. We felt when there was corruption we could change that. We would impeach, and make sure the government did not get too big for it's britches.

Now we do not believe that either side is going to make ours lives any better. It is just a big pack of fat people collecting money from whatever interest group pays them the most. No laws are passed to benefit the people. Nothing changes year after year. Sure we switch from Republican liars to Democratic cheats. Nothing ever gets done though. We see our country spiral into uncontrolled debt, our city streets and highways going to hell, we see the education of our children dropping each year.

I think the Occupy protests have been a long time building. The foundation of them is the worthlessness of our society, and our feeling of lack of power to change anything. I am not sure we can go back to a simpler time. I am not even sure that it would be better if we did. I do feel we can not continue going the direction we are though. Peace.


Blogger Wolfshead said...

You could be right about them as they build but the starting point was the bullshit that we've been fed for the last 3 generations. They have gotten rid of the jobs where a man could support a family with nothing more than a high school education and shipped them overseas. Don't worry about it they said because all you need to do is get a good education and you'll get a good job. So now these kids have gone the education route and taken out tons of loans because education has risen faster than almost anything but oil and guess what, there are still no jobs out there. They're hiring guys from india and China for lower wages. Then add in that government is cutting school aid so that the rich, those who control the jobs, don't have o pay more taxes thereby adding more expense to education. People tend to get pissed when they've been lied to. Wonder what the US equivilant of Greve is?

1:01 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Quit writing and give away your money, rich guy.

2:22 PM

Blogger Jordan said...

I went down to the protests at Occupy Wall Street, and I agree with your assessment. People are protesting because the system is broke. Some of the commies down there do want socialism, but that isn't everyone. I think most people are just disenfranchised by the whole system. We need to restore the idea of a government that represents the people, and an economic system that actually encourages hard work. Right now, we have a government that represents private interests and an economic system that is based around rich people making money by squeezing the poor. There is no innovation. It's just cost-cutting, which really means getting people to work for as little as possible. When American workers won't agree to slave wages, the factories move to China, and the answer to this dilemma by the current system is that the businesses have to do that to stay competitive. Meanwhile, when the businesses start to fail (read: auto industry, mortgage lending and banks), there are no consequences. The industries get propped up, when they should be allowed to fail, so new, more responsible companies can come in and do things right. GOD DAMNIT!

2:46 PM

Blogger Jordan said...

Even more to my point, people want to get rich in this company via the stock market, hedge funds, etc. But that's just gambling, in a system fraught with inequalities. Meanwhile, nothing of value is created. GODDAMNITTHISWHOLEISSUEFRUSTRATESMETONOEND!

2:48 PM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

The foundation of them is the worthlessness of our society, and our feeling of lack of power to change anything.

I believe you've hit the nail on the head. Some protest, but I just become more cynical. Our political system doesn't work, our judicial system doesn't work and now our economic system doesn't work. What next?

3:30 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

The worst part about it is all of the abuse protesters are taking.. getting maced in the face, having their property stolen by police, it goes on and on and on... our country was FOUNDED on protest. Now it is a dirty word? Something you need to be beaten for doing? Really? Sad.

3:32 PM


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