Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Scores Are Up

Seahawks win! Ok. It did not matter much for me. Bayne and Seb were able to lose slightly less humiliatingly to a 13yr old though gaining 4-5 points on the kid with the victory. He had Seattle but for a lower score.

We are winding down with only 3-weeks left. The standings are as follows:

Waffles 751
Jman 736
Josie 736
Seb 735
Sarah 549
Bayne 729
Mom 575

I am really impressed by Jman continuing to crush the first place scores. He had one bad week which is why I am still the leader. If not he would be crushing Josie and I sooo bad. As it is he is tied with Josie!

I am also pretty impressed that the Sebman is doing so well. I mean it is Football and he is English. If he started a soccer pool I am pretty sure I would not be doing as well. He has a real shot to take the whole thing down. I am a lot more scared of Seb and JMan than Josie at this point.

I have enjoyed being the leader the whole duration of the contest. It has been fun. I have put in solid picks to keep the lead. At the beginning I was picking really well and Josie not so much. She had a couple good weeks and the past two weeks we have been close to dead even. I think it is time for me to crush it again!

I think Josie is getting scared. She is all like "oh yeah, I did the wrong picks, if I did the right ones blah blah blah"... excuses excuses baby. You better get it into gear!!!! Only three weeks left. Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

I'll show you scared biatch! enjoy the run on top because it ain't lasting and it's the end that counts!

6:26 AM

Blogger sebszebra said...

I really deeply hate soccer. A game for plebs. Unfortunately, I live in a country where which footballer is cheating on his wife or crashed his Ferrari passes for news.

For those of us that joined after week seven, these are the like-for-like points.

618 JMan
617 Sebastian
611 Bayne
608 Mr Waffles
599 Josephine
457 Mrs Waffles
415 Sarah

JMan shoots up three places to first. I stay in second. Bayne gains a place.

JMan has made up ten points on his Dad in seven weeks, but is still fifteen behind in the main scores, I have made up nine to be sixteen behind, so with only three weeks left it looks less than likely either of us will bridge that gap to the overall lead, but not unthinkable bearing in mind JMan gained seventeen points this week alone.

I was hoping Dallas would beat the Giants which would have given me the win this week, but they did not deliver. I had a joint-win with Josie one week, but I would like to win a week out-right before the season is out, and I am running out of time.

There is a BBC web-site page to keep me up to date with the very latest NFL results; I am sure that Seahawks-Rams result will be coming up any day now!

9:32 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. Seahawks BLOWOUT!

I had a good score this week too and he gained that many points. Jesus. I mean 102 is not bad at all!!

10:16 AM

Blogger Josie said...

i like how sebsy is so formal. mr. waffles indeed!

12:36 PM


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