Monday, December 19, 2011

This is Getting OOOLDDD

Know who is in the lead right now? JMAN. Hey but SGirl with her crazy ass picks is in second.. what the hell? Do any of us adults know how to pick a game? I mean seriously we are being crushed by 8yr olds and 13yr olds.

We do have a chance IF the Steelers win. It is damn close. Here are the current standings:

JMan 77
SGirl 76
Waffles 75
Seb 74
Josie 71
Bayne 68
Mom 48

See how TIIIIGHT it is? Wow. Here are the remaining points:

JMan 49ers 14 (See he is killing us WITHOUT his 14th pick in!)
SGirl 49ers 8
Waffles Steelers 1
Seb Steelers 5
Josie SF 4
Bayne Steelers 9
Mom Steelers 12

So. In order to even have a shot at beating the kiddies the Steelers HAVE to win. If that happens then Josie loses to me this week. Loses a few points in the standings. However Seb will vault into the lead by two points. Bayne will tie Jman. It will be interesting.

If the 49ers win then BOTH kids kick the fuck out of us, and Josie ties with me.. she still will be wayyy back in the overall standings. Sick game tonight. JMan will also become the number one overall points leader in the ENTIRE contest. He is already challenging all the scrubs to a Fantasy Football league next year! This kid is LAUGHING at you all! BWAHAHAHA. I love my kid.

As a side note I believe I told Josie that GB should be taken LAST WEEK because you never know when they are just going to shutdown and scrub out a game because "oooh we are 15-0 and we can not be defeated". Well.. I think she ignored my advice, skipped them last week, and took them this week... and ... they lost. I am not positive this is the case and maybe Josie can confirm but I think by ignoring me twice she was knocked out of Lucki Ducks pool twice. Two few baby! Listen to the Waffles. BOOOM! PEACE!


Blogger Josie said...

You suck eggs. But yes, twice I ignored your sage advice and twice I got knocked out of the pool. I suppose this means I have to do whatever you say in the future....heh.

7:03 AM


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