Friday, December 30, 2011

You Know I Used To Like You?

I used to be the biggest fan of Comcast. I thought the service was much better than Verizon and I would have never left them. Hell I even have my Email address with them which is a really stupid idea. You always should own a cheap domain name and use that so you can have the freedom to switch anytime you want.

The other day we had a major issue on our street. I am coming home and a HUGE pine tree fell down across the road and took out the power lines. The tree was at the house next door to me and the top of the tree was right in my driveway. I get into my driveway and then notice the tree has caught fire.

I hurry into the house. My son thinks it is cool that a tree fell and my daughter is flipping out. I grab the phone and call the cops and get the fire department down here. They are outside fixing things when you hear a metallic twang and everyone covers their heads. Luckily nobody was hurt. The fire went out and then the entire blocks electricity followed. It was up the next day.

At this point I would go into the conversation I had with my whore wife which went something like "Hey, the lights are out, the kids are freaking out a little", to which she replied "Ok, I will be home in the morning after I am done fucking my boyfriend". However this is a rant about Comcast.

The next morning the Verizon line my wife has is out and so I call up. The sales lady hard sells me into switching everything over to Verizon but I am hesitant. I love my Comcast and I hear that the service is better. Not sure if this is true but hey I heard it! She puts me on to support and I tell them I have wires hanging down low and someone is going to hit them from the street and it is a dangerous situation. You know what they do? They send someone out the same day to take care of the issue.

It turns out the low hanging wires are Comcasts but some 600ft wire is broken on the pole so they need to send someone else to fix that. I then call Comcast. I get some Mexican guy. I tell him the same story and how dangerous it is. You know what he has the nerve to say? He tells me they will send someone out in TWO DAYS! Two fucking days? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you a fucking moron?

So I tell him he is a fucking cocksucker and if anyone gets hurt on my property that I am going to sue the fuck out of Comcast. I tell him he is a scumbag motherfucker and that I am going to drop his lousy service. He then tells me that if I think it is dangerous I should get my town to fix it. Hello? It's your fucking wires coming into my house from your goddamn street pole! What the fuck are you talking about?!?!? So I tell him to shut the fuck up and I am switching to Verizon because those stupid motherfuckers at Comcast have no desire to service their customers. So fuck you Comcast. You just lost a customer! Fucking turds. Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

The effort at being more warm, friendly and positive remains a work in process.

Comcast or Verizon? Hard choice! Stir the septic tank and see which one floats to the top.

9:21 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

On the good side I know a guy who works at Comcast and he is pushing my ticket up to hopefully today. He is also going to file an incident report against the service person who gave me all the issues.

10:42 AM


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