Tuesday, December 27, 2011

She Shoots.. She Loses...

Joe C took a good shot but she goes down in flames. Waffles is the winner for the week with Seb close behind. Interestingly enough Mom was just one point behind Josie so she was spared the embaressment of losing to Moms... however JMan was one point ahead so pay the boy!! BOOOOM!

Waffles - 110
Seb - 106
JMan - 100
Bayne - 99
Josie - 99
Mom - 98
SGirl - 78

The standings remain close going into the final week. JMan and Seb have done brilliantly and are in shooting distance. Josie was catching up to me with several weeks of wins but the tide has changed this week. She still has a chance though.

Waffles - 936
Jman - 927
Seb - 915
Josie - 910
Bayne - 896
Sarah - 711
Mom - 721

Seeing as Bayne and Seb were given penalties to begin the season they are doing exceptionally well. Seb is keeping track of the scores starting with the week he started. So he is even closer to me in that system. All that matters though is me beating Josie. That has been what this has been about for the entire season so bring it on girl!! Oh and send JMan that thousand bucks you owe him! HHAHAHA! Actually he needs to pay his side of the bet first so do not send it yet. Peace!!


Blogger Josie said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLL Shit. shit. shit.

I am 26 points behind you? wtf man! How can I catch up? Damn you!

Yeah, I'll wait till the season's over before I pay off Jman - just as soon as I cash out my 401(k) that is. :(

Nice week for you biatch.

4:51 AM

Blogger sebszebra said...

For those of us that joined after week seven, these are the like-for-like points.

809 JMan
797 Sebastian
793 Mr Waffles
778 Bayne
773 Josephine
603 Mrs Waffles
577 Miss Sarah

No changes in the order, but the gaps between first-and-second and second-and-third have been reduced. JMan only needs to avoid a bad last-week to seal first, but Waffles might easily take second off me, and Josie has Bayne in her sights.

I would like to win at least one week (I did joint-win a week but that only half-counts), but only have one chance left.

I felt rather foolish on Sunday. I decided to have a look at the Packers game, spent about fifteen minutes finding a feed that did not stutter, and then remembered Channel Four were showing it! I also watched the New Orleans match. Neither game was exactly a cliff-hanger result.

9:50 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I will have to tell JMan that he is ahead in the 7th week pool. heh. He will get a kick out of that. He was kinda sad that I crushed him this week. He was looking forward to beating his ole daddy.

10:50 AM

Blogger Josie said...

Is it not enough that jman beat old daddy's old friend? omfg.

fwiw, i think sebs numbers are most accurate but either way I suck.

11:42 AM


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