Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Champion

We have a new champion in the pool. JMan is kicking ass. With three first place finishes in the past three weeks he has vaulted past me and taken the lead. I am second for the first time all year.

Jman 827
Waffles 826
Josie 811
Seb 809
Bayne 797
Sarah 633
Mom 623

There are still two weeks left. Josie got lucky to not lose any points. She however did not gain any. So she is still chasing me like a little pup. It should be interesting this week. I was fortunate that the Dolphins came through for me. The "sure bets" were all off this week. I need to have a good week to retake the lead and make sure Josie has no shot. Peace.


Blogger sebszebra said...

Fiddlesticks! The last result was the difference for me between a good week and a lousy week, and unfortunately for me it turned out to be the latter.

For those of us that joined after week seven, these are the like-for-like points.

709 JMan
691 Sebastian
683 Mr Waffles
679 Bayne
674 Josephine
505 Mrs Waffles
499 Miss Sarah

Mr Waffles gains a place on Bayne. I started these like-for-like scores because I did not think any of us late starters had much chance of catching up in the main scores, but JMan has proven me wrong. As JMan has increased his like-for-like lead from one point to eighteen with only two weeks left, I suspect the rest of us can only hope for second at best.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to be beaten by one child is unfortunate, to be beaten by two is really quite annoying.

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