Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still Trading Water

I feel like I am stalled for the moment. Need to gear up and start accomplishing things again. It is amazing how good accomplishing things makes you feel. Just little things mind you. A task here, a task there, maybe a few tasks get accomplished towards a bigger task. It's good salve for the soul.

I cooked food last night. I did not do my big Sunday shindig this weekend. I cooked a couple of turkey burgers (90% lean) with some oil and added a little crushed red pepper (too little) and put it on a bun with ketchup. I then finished off my monstar salad as a side. Not sure about the caloric intake with the bread and stuff but I crashed afterwards.

Tonight will be the turkey meal with the onions, red and green peppers.. tiny bit of salt. mmm mm. Throw some rice and some veggies and we are really talking now. I love that meal and the best part is it tastes even better reheated.

Today I had the wheat English muffin with raspberry jam. I feel kinda hungry already though. Doh! I even ate some strawberries with it! I feel like the honey nut cheerios fill me up better. Perhaps I need to add a couple slices of bacon or something if I have the muffins.

Been going good with the coke removal.

Yesterday was omelet in the morning,
lotsa water,
Baked Potato and Chicken wrap for lunch,
and the Turkey Burger and salad for dinner,
no cokes.

So I need to accomplish my goals this week. Get a domain name so I can switch email. Start the pushup program so I can make Grouchie look silly. Just kiddin! I need to take the kid to the mall on night this week soon so he can get his baseball gear. If I am feeling really ambitious I need to fire the bitch that comes over in the morning. Also need to finish reading the Hackers Guide to Diet. Peace.


Blogger PokahDave said...

ummmmm...do you mean 'Still Treading Water'? If not...what are you trading this water for?

8:33 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

lol. Ya. I seriously need to hire an editor.. my posts on Dr. Paulies Tao OF Fear are so much better. :).

8:42 AM

Blogger PokahDave said...

I agree they are good..

6:43 PM


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