Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Craziest Thing You Have Done

What is the craziest thing you have done sexually.. that you might not ever do again. I have done all the normal things like having sex in the car, woods, public places, etc.. those never seemed all that weird.. parking lot was a little nerve wracking.

I think the weirdest thing I ever did with a chick though was: Web Cam Sex. It was weird and not anything I would ever have thought of doing. It was with this chick who was clearly insane. Most of the women I go out with have to be insane.

She was the wildest person I have ever met though. She had a gigantic tattoo down her entire body of some Buddhist symbol or something like that. She once fucked a bottle on camera in front of a bunch of dudes. I mean that was fucking out there right? Am I just a prude?

One night she asked me to turn on the camera because she wanted to see my cock. She then directed me as I masturbated in front of her. She would be like "slow down.. not so fast... mmmm". It was highly erotic and I think I could enjoy a career as a porn star. I enjoyed finally shooting my load for her and hearing her appreciation.

I have to tell you I never thought I would do something like that and in hindsight it probably is a dumb idea but man was it erotic. Total turn on. So what crazy shit have you done? If your too embarrassed to share in comments then send me a private email at Chicks only Duggles! Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

If that wasn't a single round fired in the direction of Saugus, I'd be shocked.

2:07 PM

Blogger Josie said...

Ahem - that was NOT Saugus! NO NO NO Funny enough, I do not even own a webcam or um, a tattoo.

But wait a minute....the craziest thing you've done is jerk off? Sad Waffles, very sad.

2:32 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am willing to do crazier things I just need some help... are you offering? :).

3:11 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Ken P is ALWAYS right on target ...

5:05 PM

Blogger DrChako said...

I am disappointed so far with the comments. I'll check back frequently.


5:11 PM

Blogger Carmel said...

Why do you entice me so??

8:57 PM

Blogger Gary said...

My craziest thing(s) are up on my site...

3:50 AM


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