Monday, April 02, 2012

N is for Needles

I hate them. As a 12yr old kid I was so freaked out by needles. I always got dizzy and nauseous after having anything to do with a needle. I would be walking out of the hospital and collapse into the ground, sweating heavily, and not able to catch my breath. I guess that is what a panic attack is like.. or maybe it fucked with my blood sugar who knows.

One time I went to the hospital and they needed to draw blood and I just freaked out on them. I had 3 orderlies and a nurse trying to hold me down and stick a needle in my arm. Finally a smart doctor (sexy too, alright maybe rewriting history with that but I remember it was a chick). She looks me straight in the eyes and says "Listen kid, we can do this the easy way, or I can stick this needle in your arm and you can thrash around and it can snap off inside your arm and we can try it again and again until it finally works, your call kid".

I never was so fucking still in my life. Peace.


Blogger grrouchie said...

I don't remember ever having to be held down, but I do remember calling them most names I could think of at the time.

Once I tried to now swear so when the needle when In I just spelled out the word bitch instead.

The nurse just smiled and said "oh, i know you don't mean that"
and my response was "oh, I fucking do"

5:07 PM


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