Monday, April 16, 2012

Waffles Jr, Indeed

This weekend was THE weekend. It was a weekend that is awaited for many, many, months. It is the culmination of hours and hours of watching Jeremy Wade and imagining our very own monsters. It is in fact the annual kids fishing derby!

The pond is stocked up with fish. A huge amount of trout are tossed in so the kids can have an awesome fishing experience. My son LOVES and adores the fishing derby. Every year since he was 6 years old he has come out to the derby. He throws his line in the water and hopes to catch fish. Not just fish BUT the winning fish. You see only trout count for the contest and the person with the biggest trout is awarded a trophy.

How the boy longs for this coveted trophy. He is a good fisherman too. He has caught huge pickerel and pikes galore. He has caught giant catfish and fish that were the largest in the whole contest. What he has failed to do so far though is to catch an elusive winning trout.

This year the daughter came with us and joined the competition. I got them both new fishing rods and we got some tackle. We loaded up on trout worms. We were ready to dominated.

My son had the first catch of a huge pike. My daughter was sad because she could not catch anything. The side of the pond we were on was shallow and the hooks kept getting caught up so we moved to the other side.

The boy caught another much bigger pike and we went up and registered it for the contest. We get back and almost instantly my daughter has a fish on the line. She reals it in and it is a 10.5 foot trout! She brings it up and registers it for the contest.

Soon enough they call the kids in from fishing so they can announce the awards. I stay by the pond with the kids fishing rods. The boy comes back looking a little dejected.. with no trophy in his hand. He goes back to fishing then says offhand "SGirl won the fishing derby!".

I knew god was a mean bastard and this hit me as particularly funny. I start cracking up. I mean I was laughing so hard. The poor kid spends so long trying to win and his sister wins the first year she enters. I told the boy we would study up and win it next year. His sister came back with this gigantic #1 - Largest fish, Age 7-10 trophy.

The boy handled it well and was not mean at all to his sister which was a surprise. I really hope he is able to win it soon. Poor kid. So freaking funny though. Peace.


Blogger Carmel said...

When I was a little little girl about 3-4 we lived in LA our father used to take us fishing. It was horrible. He would come in our rooms before day break, tear the covers from us,order us out of bed. He would give us 5 minutes to sit up. If he caught you lying back down he'd put the giant box speakers in front of the dipped and blast his jazz music until we got up.

My least favorite part was the cleanup. My bastard brother would fling fish eyes at me.

10:34 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

10.5 pounds maybe?

11:48 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

10.5 Inches actually. oops. I tend to say I am 9-feet in cock size too.

11:51 AM

Blogger Josie said...

Congrats S-Girl!!!! That's awesome. Chicks rule. It's about time Jman accepts this.

11:54 AM

Blogger flasherman4559 said...

Try salmon eggs....or put corn on with the worm...trout fishing is awesome...

1:26 AM


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