Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Steps Back

First off make sure you read about cats on the Tao of Fear. Dr. Pauly's fear mongering site is awesome and I am proud to contribute to it by writing the Waffles report.

I feel like the secret to massive change in your life (at least for me) is to accomplish one thing a day. This really has seemed to work for me. You need to have a list of things to get done and accomplish. Some are going to be short term quickies, some medium, and some longer term. All of these things should be broken down into specifics though.

You can not just say "I will be rich". You need to figure out what talents you have to accomplish this with. If you have no talents and need training then put that on the list. Like signing up for dealer school or designing something. Break all these goals down to specific and accomplishable smaller tasks and then go do it.

Some days you may fail at your tasks but keep trying and keep doing that one thing a day. Usually smaller things during the weekdays and maybe larger things when you have more time on the weekend. Eventually all these things you accomplish and make a part of your daily routine will have changed you.

I feel like the past couple weeks have been a slight step back. The kids have been off school and I let my discipline down and actually got some sleep. Stopped doing the morning routine because the keystone of getting the boy up was gone. So my whole schedule kind of binked. Luckily I have taken like 3 steps forward in the past four months.

I just need to refocus and be more disciplined. People have noticed my slipping back in the past week which makes me happy because there was a real change noticed and the lack of it had an effect. So keep on fighting the good fight. Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

You keep this up and we'll be seeing you with one of those self-improvement gigs on PBS pledge week.

Is the world ready for that?

6:40 AM

Blogger DrPauly said...

Thanks for your latest Waffles Report. Another stupendous rant about cats and alien overlords. Well done, sir.

7:23 AM


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