Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Don't Understand

This year has been weird for me. It's like I am sort of coming out of a long, deep, dark, sleep. I am becoming more involved. A lot more proactive. Today I organized my photo album and named all of the pictures. I need to find some software to organize and tag it still. I was looking through the pictures and enjoying seeing some of the young kid pictures. I then came across one of the few pictures of my dad that I have. It is of him laying on the couch with a scruffy beard and for some reason I just started tearing up.

Now if I was some womanly creature like Josie this would be normal but I am fucking Waffles! Last time I think I shed a tear I was like 12 and five orderlies were holding me down while some doctor dug a nail out of the middle of my foot. I spent all of my teen years not crying. Not feeling anything except anger and regret. Why the fuck am I getting emotional now? Is this menopause or something? Jesus fucking Christ. Peace.


Blogger grrouchie said...

waffles first period!

9:13 PM

Blogger Gary said...

Hey, Waffles' inflated sense of manhood: Fuck off. Being a man means knowing what makes you sad and acknowledging it. Leave him alone. He's doing good.

9:31 PM

Blogger Josie said...

Awww you were crying. *big hug*

10:47 PM

Blogger KenP said...

Since when is a tasty breakfast treat bathed in tree sap the end all to masculinity?

Rocky, Buck, or even Bubba might qualify. But, Waffles?

Actually, what's wrong with an honest emotion? Seems growth oriented to me.

P.S. How about opening up the signatures so we can at least get a link out of pandering to you insecurity? :)

9:19 AM


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