Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shrinks Suck Balls

The problem with shrinks and I think in part why I hate them so much is they are such hypocrites. In all their literature it's all like "We want to help you", "No we really care".. and then you try and get an appointment with any of them and forget about it.

I still remember the time I called one and said "I am feeling suicidal could you call me back and/or fit me in for an appointment" and never heard a thing.... crickets... *chirp*.

Same thing right now. Have called and emailed several. Nothing. I realize the whole world hate me but this is ridiculous.


Blogger Astin said...

How Dangerfield.

7:34 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I knew I should've been a shrink.

7:40 AM

Blogger KenP said...

All women are shrinks.

You want it for free. You need to resolve issues that are outstanding. When that happens, the other issues are addressable.

Remember my saying that if I was in your position I'd curl up in a ball? That, my friend, is true. You are coping fairly well with the stupidity you and you alone have let enter your life. Maybe a shrink can help but all they do in the end is advise. You are the one that needs to address the tough decisions.

8:18 AM

Blogger Jordan said...

It's the summer. They are probably all on vacation. Yes, it sucks, but it is not personal to you (yet). Once they meet you and reject you as a client, then you can blame it on the world hating you. But right now, it's just that the world loves vacationing in the summer.

8:29 AM

Blogger Carmel said...

Jordan is a funny man.

9:05 AM

Blogger Gary said...

Perhaps they're so busy because they suck balls? A shrink puts that in her Yellow Pages ad, I'd go.

10:09 AM

Blogger Josie said...

In the mean time you can tell me all your problems over drinks. Is that a nice thing to look forward to?

11:27 AM

Blogger grrouchie serge said...

or you can drink heavily and babble about the Cuban missile crisis.

3:45 PM


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