Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SGirl Wins Again!

I think this might be the second time this year. She schooled everyone this week. She was the ONLY one with a respectable score.. Normally like 70 is the low end of average... but everyone this week had like half of that. I had the worst week of everyone. Jesus. I am going to start using the random pattern like SGirl.

It seems like every favorite lost this week. Hard. The super bowl contending teams of last year finally put out good games against good teams.. Giants and Packers. Well, not the Patriots, who just gave the game away. Seahawks seem like a decent team though. Good offense and defense.

Perhaps I can win this week.


Blogger sebszebra said...

Well done SGirl. You are right in that only SGirl has won twice, as she also won week one. Next best is you with one-and-a-half wins (one outright, one tied).

I have updated the score-tables:


7:12 AM

Blogger sebszebra said...

I calculated that for a fourteen-match week such as week six, the mean average for random choices would have been 52ยท5 points. Only SGirl beat that!

Week seven:

13 Patriots
12 49ers
11 Texans
10 Vikings
09 Giants
08 Bears
07 Packers
06 Raiders
05 Bills
04 Colts
03 Saints
02 Steelers
01 Cowboys

9:31 AM


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