Monday, May 12, 2014


It is kind of disconcerting getting caught doing something wrong. I am sleeping in my car for the 4th or 5th night. Slightly less cold because of the coat I bought. Using a towel for a blanket. It is like 12:40AM and I get a rap on my window. It is this plump woman in a security uniform that barely can contain her jelly. She says "You can not sleep her".

Now it was almost 1AM and I was too tired to argue so I just rolled on out. In hindsight though.. Fawk you! Seriously. Going over to your security car. Tough guy. The world should be a free place. Who was being bothered by one car parked wayyyyyyyy out on the other side of the lot? It really got me thinking about things like this.

I spent a few nights figuring out the best place to stay. I hit a Home Depot. The next day at like 6AM some fat lard-ass like parks right next to my car.. and bumps it.. with his fat butt. I mean there is a whole fucking parking lot! Why the fuck you have to park next to me? I am not sure if he was feeding the homeless or doing something wacked.. but it was weird..

I finally settled on the Costco lot. It was dark. Nobody went in there. It was elevated off the street so if a cop drove by they would probably not see me. It was very efficient and effective and my commute stayed at like 2 minutes. It went from being "Wake up in work parking lot and drive over one isle to go to work", to "Wake up in Costco parking and drive over the bridge to work". Really cool stuff.

I kept hoping the guard would harass me when I was there for regular work. I was ready to give her an ear full. I would have threatened to get her fired if she ever talked to me again, and then she would have to share a car with me! Take that fatty!


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another trick is to park at an auto service center like a Goodyear,Firestone,etc,etc. that has some cars in the parking lot but u need to rotate locations though bcuz most cars arent getting left there 4 weeks at a time.the main objective is to maintain a low profile.

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