Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meth For Life

Having trouble getting my prescription filled. Fuckers at the insurance want you to jump through hoops like a trained monkey. Having ADHD this is not easy for me to attack without my Meth. Luckily the wife wants me to be a meth addict so she worked it out for me. I just have to make a phone call now.

Took one of the kids meth today. Needed it to put a dog fence up. I am planning on putting an electric fence up. Outer fence would be electric with like 5 inches gap then inner plain fence. Not totally sure about the electric yet... but thinking about it... I mean who can resist a solar powered electric animal zapper! Bwahahahaha!

Meth makes me nicer to people. I think they should have this warning on the side of the bottle. Not sure how I feel about it.

I find my opinions about drugs and drug use totally changing as I become a meth head. I think the war on drugs is a fucking joke. If people want to feel good let them. Legalize everything. Bring the prices down so people do not need to steal, rape, and murder for their drugs. Have some sort of free counseling program with the focus of

1. Teach people to get along without drugs if they do not need them for a specific reason. Not talking about preaching to stop.. Just showing different coping mechanisms and counseling options.
2. Show people how to use these illicit drugs in such a way that they do not build up tolerances and can keep feeling good on low doses.
3. Diagnose real issues related to the why of people taking these drugs. Some people just want to have fun. Some people need to deal with real things like ADHD. Some people have childhood issues or other things. Help people understand why they need the drugs without being judgmental.

Part two will get people to go. :). Who does not want to learn to use better. I think it could work. Some people would get off drugs. Drug companies would make some money. The prices would go down. The government would make tax money. The crime rate would drop. Our prisons would empty. Shit Waffles for President.

I realized today why I hate Home Depot. Meth is GREAT for mind blowing revelations. Here it is. I am better than all of you at everything. I can make love to your girlfriend better than you ever have, I can play poker in ways you can not even dream of, I program computers better than anyone. I am a fucking monster who is way better than you at EVERYTHING. I then go into Home Depot and do not know the fucking right side of the goddamn hammer to use. In essence I become you. I hate you. I do not want to be you. Fuck you all. This is why I hate Home Depot.


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