Monday, January 30, 2006

Who Da Holdem Monkey?

So I have been trying out the SNGs for the fun of it. Trying to build something. Not drive myself crazy. So I start out with a few 10/1 SNGs. I lose both. One was kind of fun. I was playing with a guy who had a cowboy icon so of course I call him Bareback all the time. He ended up winning. He chides me for pushing, I.E. Being Aggressive, with <10xBB and 22 pair. I happened to be up against KK, however, even though I was at best 50/50, I beleive pushing with pockets when you are short stacked is a good idea. Calling and all in, not so good, but aggression can never be wrong.

So what do you do when you lose two 10$ SNGs? Play a 30$ of course. My luck continued to stay true here. I actually was the chip leader until the final table. I was in 3rd place and get QQ. Now QQ is a monster hand three handed so I push.. and he turns over Aces. Ouch. I am out in 3rd. I was hoping for more. Whatcha gonna do? Play a 50$! No no no.. I am back to even.. so I play an O8 tourney. I end up placing 36 of 400 for a whole $7 profit. Ok. At least I am not bubble boy. So Fluxer tells me I HAVE to play the turbo! This was when my night turned around.

I am trying to nor be too aggressive but I am down to $1500 in chips. Three guys before me bet there entire stack, it is $415 for me to call. I do so and I am raised. So I push all in to get one person to fold. It is four people. I have QJ. Nobody has me covered. I think I am getting great odds to call QJ s00ted. Anyone think differently? The cards turn and I am HAPPY to see AK, A8, A4. I.E. Even my luck can not kill me. So the flop is a Q and it holds up. I knock out three people in one hand and jump to the chip lead. I play a little aggressive with A6 of hearts. So I raise and the small stack (had 2K in chips vs my 5K) pushes me all in. So what do I do? Of course I call with a shit hand! It was freaking Donkey ass s00ted Mofo's? He turns over KK and the flop is A5 for two pair, and the river is a 5 to make me a boat and the defacto chip leader. My next brilliant play is to put someone with K9 all in with K3. The flop is A33. Turn X. River Ace. BOAT! Booyah! Now it is me and Fluxor HU. He gets cocky with 47c and my A2.. flops .. an ace and survives his straight and flush draws! Booyah! I am the luckbox tonight!


Blogger ChiefBigToke said...

Umm, yeah. Gordogg PokerStars.

12:32 AM

Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

What did the Turbo cost and pay?

9:59 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I played the 6.50 Turbo and cashed for 27 I beleive..

10:24 AM


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