Thursday, January 19, 2006


I screwed up so bad. I had 10K in chips. I was 21 of 38. Two to the money in a 300 person PLO tourney and I have AA. Which is a good hand in Omaha. It is also double s00ted. So the guy who has been raising my blind all day raises me. I re-raise ::: BUUUUUT I did not pot it. I guess it was indecision. I then pushed on the all diamond flop and of course he has the K2 of diamond to knock me out 1 off the bubble. What the fuck was I thinking. I dunno. I hate when I make REALLY stupid mistakes. I could have EASILY waited for two people to bust and then kicked some ass. I would have also been happy if I had pushed pre-flop and the guy had hit his miracle flush. At least then I would have played it right. This way just makes me sick. Oh well, at least I outlasted Drizz and Kameela whatever that buys me..

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, in all the after game down, I beat Chris Furgeson in two games tonight. heh. I was in the 7-Stud and PLO with him and finished MUCH higher than him in both.. so I am better than Chris! heh.


Blogger Veneno said...

Better than Chris? Just like you think you are better than Veneno?

12:20 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I was this close to a dollar sixty!! THIS CLOSE!! At least you got farther then me and gave me something to sweat my 20% about.

10:17 AM


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