Friday, January 20, 2006

Who Knew

What the hell is wrong with me? Is this what poker is supposed to feel like? I keep playing these O8 tourneys and cash games and one thing is missing from my game. It has been a constant companion in the past. The impending doom of a suckout. I have no feeling that I ever get sucked out on in O8. It is weird. I mean you would expect with four cards that I would be moaning about bad beats every second of the day. Twice as much even. I just do not feel it. I do not feel like I have to win coin flips in these MTTs. I feel like I get my money in with good cards and get out of hands I am likely to lose. The hands I choose to risk my stack with are suitably strong to avoid the suckouts. I am sure I will have some but mostly either I play it right or play it wrong and I know which one it is. No luck. No suckout. Just wait and outplay my opponents.

Even last night when the guy flops his second nut flush. Yeah, he got lucky. However I totally messed up the hand. So I had no feeling that I was sucked out on. I guess with the four cards in play in O8 I have no sense that I am entitled to win. No hand is so much favorite to another pre-flop. It is your post flop skill that decides the game. In HE it is exactly opposite. I feel like my AA is entitled to beat your Q2 especially when I push you on the flop.. and when you pair your second card I am pissed.

So maybe I have found a little Zen of Poker in playing O8. I still have a ton to learn and I may eventually start feeling entitled to win. Either that or all that folding puts me to sleep. Who knows.. Who cares.. I am just going to enjoy it.


Blogger Drizztdj said...

Stop pushing pre-flop, out play them post-flop.

O8 isn't much a pre-flop game, unless you're setting up a table image.

7:41 AM


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