Monday, October 07, 2013

It's like..

It's like two people live inside of me. No I do not hear them talking.

One is calm and peaceful and plays his cards or does the right thing.

Then the other one gets fed up. Jacks not holding up enough. Plans not working. It all stays inside for a while and everything is good... and then one day BOOOOM! Rant. I really wish that other guy would not expect things and just go with everything and make things happen.


Blogger angerisagift said...

i feel u,dude.listen to some SLAYER or RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE ,get some boxing gloves, and take all that shit inside u and pound the fuck out of the speed bag

4:46 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Stop being such a wuss. Whatever happened to the guy who wrote this post?


fucking idiot moron cocksucker fucktard bastard asshole cunt licker ass sucker dwarf tossing take it in the face anal wart herpies slurping scumbag motherfucker shiteating dick slurping pig fucking horse sucking bitch ignoramus.

5:41 PM

Blogger Health And Fitness Corner said...

I heard Haseeb Qureshi is coming back? Is this true? Is he allowed back? I remember Haseeb could play bigtime, but wasn't that Girah's fault? I'd totally buy Haseeb's new book. At this point, I'm in a bad break, months bad break. Looking to change the tide.

11:43 AM

Blogger PPC 6800 User said...

Can you post again

7:56 PM


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