Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Been a little down in the dumps this month. Part of my roller-coaster existence.

It did not help that I needed to get a new car this month. I had to settle for a 97 Lexus ES-300 complete with stylin' tape deck.

For you children out there who do not know what a tape deck is... once upon a time, instead of downloading music into your iPhone you had to put these plastic devices with plastic inside them into your musical player. The musical player was about 20 times heavier than the iPhone. If you were lucky and the musical player gods were on your side they would not eat your tape and you would not spend the next hour trying to pick the plastic out of your musical device. Just think of it like VooDoo magic, this is how us old people see your iPhones.

I feel kind of like a snobby asshole saying I "Only could get a 97 Lexus ES-300". In one way I think it is kind of good to see how the less fortunate people live. Of course Tony probably thinks I am rich. I think I should sleep in the park tonight to see how the REALLY unfortunate people live. Is bug spray cheating?

I also have been approved for meth consumption. I begin tonight or tomorrow on my journey to being seriously fucked up all the time. I have high hopes for this state.

I did find it funny the process used to get approved for the drugs. You basically go to a shrink. Fill out a 1 page document with no control questions. It is basically just check here if you want drugs. You then take home another 1 page document and have to tell some examples of your childhood where you showed symptoms. I assume you could easily lie. You then get drugs. I was so silly not believing in psychiatry.


Blogger The Poker Meister said...

I hope the drugs get you on track again. The 97 Lexus ES was a nice looking car if I remember. It's still a fairly relevant design, even if you do have a tape deck in it. How many miles / condition / how much was it?

And yes, you are rich. You can afford a house, a car, food on the table. Comparatively, you're a king. It should be noted that you also work hard to live like you do - something that Tony likely does not do.

1:04 PM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear things are working out. Sounds like a very cool car.

2:51 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

good shape, 1 owner, 129k miles

4:11 PM

Blogger grrouchie serge said...

Congrats on the drugs and on being rich.
One day I'll buy a used car with a tape deck ask well. I'm hoping to go way back and get an 8-track deck instead though.
Hi Hopes

4:47 PM


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