Saturday, June 22, 2013


I love this shit.

I have been a good boy and not taken it since the last time. However I wanted to get things done today so I took one.

Here is the difference.

Before Pill:
Played Warcraft
Reluctantly Played with Dogs (tired)

Finished Deck project
Cleaned Counter
Put Away Dishes
Vaccumed Deck
Put Dirty Dishes in Dishwasher
Put stuff away
Took Out Trash and Recyclables
Played with Dogs (not reluctantly)
Got son drink

..and I have more plans..

Finish tearing down BBall Hoop
Go to Dump with trash from Yard
Fix Mailbox


The effect is slightly different this time. I am not experiencing the euphoric feeling. Perhaps because I am  not interacting with people and getting happy off of that.. but the fog has left my brain, I have tons of energy, I am being productive, and I fucking love this stuff!!!

Appointment is July 2nd. Hope I can get a prescription. I consulted with a second Doctor, after Dr. Pauly, and Dr. Miami Don says I fucking should totally go for it. Not worry about anything. So there. Two people with more drug experience than any doctor I am likely to see and both give it a thumbs up.


Blogger lightning36 said...

You are surprised that taking an amphetamine-based drug gave you the oomph to do a million things?

It could be that this medication might be just what you need. However, be aware that it is habit forming and might not be appropriate for you based on your other recent medical issues. Make sure your doctor is involved with this decision every step of the way.

12:43 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Are there other side effects? Also what is your personal opinion... would it be helpful for me (just from what you know of me as a friend) or should I stay away.

I do plan to do this with a doctor. I also (and I know I may just be fooling myself) think my addiction levels are low... I have addictions to video games and things like that but booze and drugs have never been a problem... It's been 2-3 weeks since I tried the last one.. so who knows.

1:29 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

I think the biggest concern would be the other medical issues you were recently facing (high b.p., etc). A good common sense online page is at

1:33 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

thanks, appreciate it. My Blood pressure is 120/80 now btw.. I exercised and stuff and it went down.. still working on it... going to try and lower the BP meds next visit if it stays low.

1:35 PM

Blogger KenP said...

I think Sparky has the knowledge to warn properly -- even if he has sold out to the dark side.

In the meantime, I need a new cleaning women. You sound worth $10/hr. Available?

And, pay attention to the side effect of all that crap. Almost everything out there warns your liver is likely to fall out you ass. And that's one of the safer side effects.

5:19 AM


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