Saturday, April 14, 2018

Going Well

The upswing continues. I am hoping to be up a hundred by the end of the week and then cash out 50, and do it again to $300. I think making $100 a week would be pretty cool. I am not sure it's not possible at $6.60 SNGs. I am also not sure it is.. and I am usually hesitant to make these goals because if I start moving the other direction I get chasey.

One other thing I am noticing. I had great success at the non-turbo games playing hard and just trying to make 3rd every game. I go on the site this morning and no games are running so I blow $8 on a 5.50 super turbo guarenteed $100.. and a $3.30 turbo SNG.. where I spewed out when I did not have to..

The point is stick to my game selection. Do the really cheap/free tourneys and know that it is ok to not play if the right game is not there.

On other notes it is sorta spring today.. Been working out doing 50 pushups 3x a week and jumping jacks.. Add some gym in for today... Not saying it is going to be in the routine forever but we will see.. Did curls with barbells, leg lifty thingies, and shoulder lifty thingies.. and then 10 mins on the bike and like a quarter mile walk to and from the gym. Not to self - Leg thingies may cause walking to be a problem.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear you're exercising. I admire your physical discipline.

11:54 AM


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