Saturday, April 14, 2018

Well that is a Weight off the Shoulders

Bought in and pending my first cash out at Global Poker. Bought in for $100 and in my first week doubled up to $200 and cashing out $50. So far the cash out process is somewhat easy. It is kind of hard to find as you have to click buy coins.. then there is a cashout tab. Once you are verified via license and a bill from your address you get your cash back in PayPal. A fee is attached to payout apparently so will have to watch that. Will keep you informed as to how well this works.

We all know that pushing towards a goal can sometimes drive us mad so I am a little relieved I have reached phase 1- da first cashout. Phase 2 - da second cashout is going to be at $300.

I have no idea if $100 a week is sustainable at this site... but hey an extra $400 in the paycheck a month would not hurt anything. Also as I grow the bankroll and cashout along the way I will be rolled for bigger tourneys and SNGs which may or may not be a good thing. I think I could easily enjoy 10/20$ SNGs and tourneys on the site.

I will probably not leave large amounts on the site.. Will keep the poker money on PayPal and watch it grow a bit.. and then cash it out and use it for something at some point. I also probably need a "poker" bank account.. cause I don't really want my main account linked to PayPal.. although it is probably fairly safe..

Other than that I have been playin well since my first meltdown.. Had 2 4th place finishes and 2 2nd place finishes today before taking a nap.. and then waking up and taking down a first to pass the threshold I set. Will keep you informed if the checkout goes well.. and how the game progresses.. I will either keep on track or meltdown which is why you all read right? Not feeling too crazy right now but give it a day..


Blogger Unknown said...

wishing you luck except in my SNG's, have cashed out 5 or 6 times, no problems.

10:35 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Years ago, I started a separate poker account. Even had it at a different bank so there would be no chance of something funky happening with my regular checking account. You might to consider something like this.

2:47 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

yeah I need a bank where I am living now anyways... so need to find a free checking one.. I have had a bank check in my pocket for like 2 months XD. I can't believe that no other bank will cash it for me..

4:28 AM


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