Monday, June 28, 2004

198 and change

I have my pot up to a tad under $200, and I did this with some bad playing. I played a few $10 tourneys. Brought my pot down from $175 to $138 and one point, then played some more tourneys, finally hit a few, got back to around $170. I then started watching White Dwarf on Sci-Fi. It was interesting, so I did some .50/1$ ring play, and went from $5 to $16. Ending up at $198+. Anyway, even though I was on a little tilt, and not slowing down, I ended up ok. Not very pleasing to me. I am going to take a couple of days off since I have been staying up way too late playing, and need to focus at work a little. We will have to see how well I do taking time off. I am already a Video Game Addict, and when you add gambling to the mix there is a good chance to go off the deep end as I have been a little. Getting some more discipline and staying off the tables for a few days will be a good thing.


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