Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Maybe I should have waited the week

Well, I made it one day without a game. I then had some work to do downstairs, and one thing turned to another. I actually went on a huge tilt. I should have known my night was going to be bad with the following hands:

$5/1 Tourney
9d3h : Bet $50
5 people call.

Flop Ks10h9s

I check
Next Guy Bets $150,
Two other people call,
I Fold

Next two cards: 9h9c. Would have been nice. If only I could have checked into the next card. Oh Well. I think the call was the correct one over the long hall but it still hurts. The worst part about it is about 3 hands later I did it again! I saw 2 sets of 4 of a kind in one night, and I made nothing on either one!!!

Anyway, my whole night was like that. My Qd flush trumped by Ad. The guy was taunting me to bet, and I should have known better. I went out 5th with my $850 stack gone, knowing that the call was the wrong decision. I keep making the wrong decisions, and then making poor decisions trying to get into a hand. I missed making a boat because I folded, but that turned out well, as the other player ended up with a SF.
I think I lost 5 $5/1 Tourneys and then $10 on some ring games before I brought my stack back up to $170 with a second place finish in a $10/$1 tourney.

On a better note, I was able to get in a few games in .50/1$ ring play. I lost $10. I then went to a 6 player 1/2$ table. The competition was extremely easy here, and I brought my stack all the way from $150 up to almost $200 again. That was a nice feeling. I may try the $1/$2 tables again. I put in $20 to play, which lets me go round enough times to try and get ahead a little. I like the 6-person format. I think I do MUCH better with fewer players and a little larger pot.

I am going to try a $10/$1 tourney and some more $1/2 ring games to see how I do tonight. If I loose $30 my goal is to stop myself at that point, and wait another day to make it up. If I win $50 my goal is to stop at $250 and call it a night. I will keep you informed.


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