Monday, July 12, 2004


"The single greatest key to winning in poker is knowing thy enemy — yourself."
Andy Glazer

Grabbed that from Guiness and Poker. Excellent writing there. Although it is REALLY long. Anyway, that Andy guy could really sum things up. I have been thinking about my Poker playing lately. I think I am being a little hard on myself. I mean lets get real. I have been playing for about two months. Of course I have an inflated opinion of myself.

As I nursed my $50 up to $500 I thought "I cannot lose", "I am the best poker player of my generation". Ha! What it really says is I am a young poker player. Sometimes I am on my game, sometimes not so much. I am prone to making mistakes, and even one big mistake can kill you in a ring game or tourney.

It is nice to get back to earth. I hope to keep improving my game. I hope to get used to variance. Everyone gets it. Just because I did not see much of it on my rise (ha!), does not mean I am not going to have off times. So anyway, I need to keep playing, and keep trying to manage my money correctly.

One bad thing about internet Poker is it feeds my personality way to much. I was always that nerd kid, playing games in his dark basement for hour-upon-hour, Doom, Quake, Half Life, Warcraft! I would spend hours playing these games, literaly until my hand cramped up and I had to stop. Not sure what void I am trying to fill here, but that is another Blog. I think online poker has the same draw as video games. The money does not seem real. Need to play until I beat the game. Just a thought. It is kind of funny how Poker really makes you think about yourself, and the inner workings of people in general. Dr Freud signing off.


Blogger Sloejack said...

Sounds like you could honestly benefit from reading "Killer Poker Online" at least once. Maybe head down the Borders (or whatever your local super-bookstore is) and camp out (it's a fast read) or buy it and keep it nearby for re-reading to get some reinforcement on how to deal with the weaknesses in your game. I just finished reading the book today (got it a couple of days ago?) and was really impressed with it's approach. Not everything applied to me, but I did find a few nuggets of wisdom worth applying and I guess that makes the book worth it. Based on the comments you've posted, I believe you might also find it a valuable addition to your library.

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