Friday, July 09, 2004

The Worst 40 of my Career

I HATE the tilt! It makes me feel like a 2 bit hooker with a bad heroin addiction. No offence to any 2 bit hookers with bad heriod addictions who might be reading this. Man did I have a bad night. The worst part about it is I am up $40. I have gone one three tilts in my short Poker career so far, and came out even or ahead on all three. I know this cannot last. I have the symptoms of the worst tilt. Deteriorating play, moving up levels to try and win it all back, etc.. etc.. I was thinking I was getting this part of my game under control to. I just could not stop last night.

Anyway the quick recap. It was a weird night. I was playing 1/2, and losing badly, and then playing worse. Talk about a fish! It was not all on bad calls. I had 2 boats beaten by higher boats, played some hight pairs to the river for some decent loses. I never really know how far to take a high pair. They seem to lose for more more often than not. I was the ATM tonight. I dropped $40 in like 2 hours. Also, I had the Hilton Sister twice. Know what those biatches did to me? Killed my cable connection! I swear it was spooky. The connection went out 3 times last night, twice in a row when I had the Hiltons! I should have gone to sleep the second time.

Anyway, losing $40 is probably not too bad. I then proceeded to have my best session every at 1/2. I turned my $10 into $110 in about an hour. Go! Go! So then I tell myself, "Let's cap it at $90 if I start losing". Ha! 80? Ok. 70? Well, $50 sucks, need to keep playing, ..40.. 20 .. 6.52.. 0? DAMN! Now is the time to REALLY tilt. I am down to $323, so I go and play some 4/6 for a while. Up to $60, lose it all. So I take $100 and go play some 5/10. Now I need to say I hate playing 10 sided, and love playing with 6 people. I seem to do much better, probably because the pace is faster, and smaller good hands hold up better. Needless to say, the 5/10 games have alot of fishies too. I ended up $220 in a very short time. Once my stack gets to $1000 I think I am going to take another $100 and see what I can do with it in 5/10. Probably want to have a good size bankroll before I play it regular.

End result I made like $40 last night, but it is the worst $40 I have made in my short Poker career. I wish I was down $20 instead.


Blogger Sloejack said...

Something you may want to concider, and this is a suggestion only so take it with a grain of salt, is putting a post-it note on your monitor while you play. Make a little note to yourself like "Don't Tilt." Maybe with a gentle reminder there, it will help keep you focused. My general policy is that I don't recharge my stack at a table. If I get flushed of my buy-in, I get up. Sometimes I just quit playing if I'm steamed about how I played, other times if I felt I played well I just go find a different table to start up again at.

5:57 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Thanks man. I appreciate the advice. Any and all I can get.

6:20 PM


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